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Beamery Talent Index: Third Edition

The Great Resignation continues, and keeping workers motivated is a major concern for employers. Beamery’s third Talent Index suggests one thing is clear: companies must put their talent first.

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With the Great Resignation showing no sign of abating, keeping workers motivated is a major concern for employers – and so it should be.  The latest Beamery “Talent Index” explores what businesses can expect to see topping employee workweek wish lists in 2022 and suggests that The Great Resignation may indeed be fuelled by those frustrated with current employers not offering development or advancement opportunities.
The Talent Index surveyed 5,004 employed adults in the USA and UK, finding that employees have more than embraced their newfound flexibility in the workplace and now want to see further changes. The research also shines a spotlight on the fact that people want opportunities to advance and that talent acceleration programmes will be a welcome addition and become a competitive advantage.  

By mapping out their future, employees will better visualise what they need to do to secure a promotion, achieve key milestones, and ultimately understand that they deserve developmental support. With 60% of respondents feeling that working from home due to the pandemic had a negative impact on their personal development and progression in the workplace, and 45% wanting their company to now prioritise staff training and development, one thing is clear: companies need to put their talent first.

Download the report above, and read our most recent Talent Index report here.