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Beamery Talent Index: Sixth Edition

The changing economic landscape is making employees stay in roles they might otherwise leave – but ‘quiet quitting’ is having a negative impact on workplace culture.

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In this Sixth Edition of the Beamery Talent Index, more than 6000 office-based workers from the UK, USA, and France told us their feelings towards their workplace, employer, and work in general.

This edition highlights the importance of retention strategies – particularly internal mobility and learning & development opportunities – as employees struggle with the cultural impact of ‘quiet quitting’, a cost of living crisis, and a continuing desire for flexibility.

The market has changed: worries about job security have shifted, and the majority of employees feel like finding a new role would be challenging. That said, a sizable number of people are ready to move on. The data shows that lack of career progression, and lack of development opportunities, are key factors in regards to retention. Investment is clearly needed towards reskilling and upskilling employees, and to help organizations become more agile and efficient.

New in this edition of the Talent Index is an assessment of perceived progress relating to diversity, equity and inclusion. With very few employers seen to provide appropriate DE&I benchmarks and measurement, there is much work to be done to ensure your workplace culture is truly equitable and inclusive, and that the agenda is being set from the top.

We found some interesting disparities between the views of Gen Z and older generations when it came to DE&I, in particular around perceptions of a gender pay gap. What are you doing to reach and engage with the workforce of the future? Why don’t they believe men and women are being treated equally in the workplace?

As employers try to find, retain and engage the best people, and begin to plan talent strategies for the new year, our insights show that, as well as looking at total compensation and rewards, they need a real focus on upskilling and career development, and on building an inclusive culture, if they want to attract and retain the workforce of the future. Download the report to learn more.

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