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Customer Spotlight: Haley Gardner, Avis Budget Group

Haley is Recruitment Marketing Event Manager at Avis Budget Group, and started using Beamery’s Talent Lifecycle Management solution in 2022. This month, Haley is the focus of our Customer Spotlight, in recognition of how she has been using the platform to unlock human potential at her organization.

Beamery: What is your favorite Beamery feature, and why?

Haley: My favorite Beamery feature would be the ability to set up Event pages and Campaigns. I love creating landing pages for our recruitment-related events, and appreciate being able to send them out to numerous candidates and engage them with the click of an email. I really like how easy it is for me to track who has registered and send out multiple touches/emails, to try and reach as many candidates as possible.

These features allow me to create a “one-stop shop” for candidates, and the ability to upload multiple lists or spreadsheets with candidate information makes my job much easier!

B: What problems does Beamery solve?

H: Beamery helps me to nurture potential applicants more efficiently: I can send my event information out to as many people as possible, while also saving their information to contact well after the event has occurred.

B: How has this made your job easier?

H: With Beamery, I am able to create an event landing page, and a campaign within the event, and send out multiple touches. I do not have to set a reminder to send an email out, or worry about forgetting to do so, as the tool allows you to set up the date and time for future emails to go out. I am able to track everything in one spot. I really love it!

“I love Beamery because it keeps me organized while reaching as many candidates as possible for my events!”

About the Beamery Customer Spotlight

This program exists to highlight Beamery customers who have mastered the art of “unlocking human potential” through consistent (and smart) use and adoption of the Beamery platform. They use Beamery to take their company to the next level while elevating the talent experience for all candidates. Beyond being a fabulous talent-driven individual, these individuals also represent one or many of the Beamery values: start with why, own the change you seek, act with kindness, communicate openly, make a positive impact.