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Beamery Talent Index: Fourth Edition (Nordics)

Beamery’s latest Talent Index highlights the importance of upskilling and reskilling existing employees in the Nordics to keep interest levels high and improve retention.

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The shift to hybrid work has clearly brought many benefits, but it has also created unforeseen issues, like an always-on culture. Employers should be mindful of this and encourage managers to take a more proactive role in determining (new) best practices that work for the business, the teams, and the individual. Adopting a skills-based approach to filling new roles and opportunities within the business, for example, leads to increased interest and understanding from staff on the value of internal movement across departments.  

This fourth edition of the Beamery Talent Index surveyed 1,004 office workers in the Nordics region and found that many are feeling the impact of remote work on their personal lives. As businesses introduce more flexible work models, and the traditional 9-5 becomes obsolete, it seems the hyper-connected workplace has created a new era of burnout.