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Fall Product Launch: Advanced, Real-time Labor Market Insights, For Better Skills-based Decisions

Explore the latest innovation from Beamery for our Fall 2023 product announcement… including new advanced, embedded, real-time labor market insights for better skills-based decisions.

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Exclusively for our customers only... Discover everything in our Fall Product Announcement:

  • Everything about our new advanced, real-time labor market insights for better skills-based decisions (and why it matters to your business)
  • Our new Hiring Manager Hub, and how it reduces time to hire and increases candidate quality, by defining the specific needs of the role based on skills, seniority, and location
  • Exciting enhancements to supercharge Talent Acquisition and Talent Management outcomes
  • The latest TalentGPT innovation (part of the Beamery Labs programs that you can get involved with)

And much more...

Learn more about the Fall Product Announcement here.