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The Talent Blueprint: Season One Highlights

Today we’re bringing you a special episode, featuring highlights from the first season. You’ll hear from some of the world’s top talent innovators and visionaries on things like moving the needle on DE&I, attracting and retaining top talent, and what they believe the future of work holds...

[1:00] Navigating talent data, with Wells Fargo’s Ellie Bertani, GM’s Kyle Lagunas, Bath School of Management’s Dr. Luke Fletcher, and Prudential’s Wagner Denuzzo
[3:12] Skills building and hiring for potential, with Wagner Denuzzo, Dr. Mary Meaney, and Ellie Bertani
[5:45] Making progress on diversity & inclusion, with Kyle Lagunas, Dr. Luke Fletcher, ServiceNow’s Stuart Rowland, Dr. Mary Meaney, and Ellie Bertani
[8:58] Employee retention and building cultures in a changing work environment, with Financial Time’s Cherry Ainsworth, Aegon’s Ignacio Aranguez-Montero, Dr. Mary Meaney, Ellie Bertani, Stuart Rowland, and Kyle Lagunas
[12:43] A new dawn for HR and TA practitioners, with Ignacio Aranguez-Montero and Ellie Bertani
[13:44] Five years from now, with Wagner Denuzzo, Dr. Mary Meaney, and Cherry Ainsworth

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