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Beamery + Workday: Better Together for your Talent Team - FAQs

Workday Beamery Webinar FAQs

The Beamery partnership with Workday is not new news. But we understand there may still be questions about what this looks like and why it is so unique.

In our recent webinar, “Beamery + Workday: Better Together for your Talent Team”, Beamery Co-Founder and President, Sultan Saidov, joined forces with Workday Director, Recruiting Product Strategy, Marlene Scholtz, to answer many of them - including how it can be leveraged to achieve exceptional results for talent acquisition teams.

In case you missed it, we’ve provided a recap of the questions asked during the webinar and the answers provided by Sultan and Marlene below. For those of you who want to dive deeper, check out our on-demand recording of the webinar, take a read of our recap or get in touch with us for a conversation that is tailored to you and your team.

How is Beamery's relationship with Workday different from other CRMs?

When Workday partners with other organizations, they are very thoughtful about the process and the partner that they are selecting, because they want to ensure their customers will get lasting value out of that partnership. In terms of CRM, they knew that their customers wanted more sophisticated CRM capabilities, and after some due diligence, the business identified Beamery as a solution that naturally compliments Workday’s core recruiting capabilities but also provides Workday customers with the market-leading capabilities that they’re looking for.

And so for those reasons, today, Beamery is the only vendor that Workday have partnered with for candidate relationship management.

What are Workday’s product plans around CRM?

Today, Workday does have CRM lite capabilities. Many of our customers wanted a more sophisticated version of this. That’s why Workday have partnered with Beamery - to provide their customers with a comprehensive and market-leading CRM solution through a tight integration. So from a product standpoint, the focus for Workday is on the core Applicant Tracking that further empowers their customers.

Workday have and are investing in providing a frictionless experience for recruiters, a personalized experience for candidates, reducing and automating the workload for many high-volume customers that they have - but also providing hiring teams with the right insights at the right time when they need them. Workday delivered many great enhancements around recruitment efficiency earlier this year and there are some exciting features coming later this year as well.

When will the planned integration enhancements (fully API-based) be available?

Beamery and Workday already have APIs and an integration in place. In terms of the next set of enhancements - which is the Certified integration, which abides by Workday’s software partner program certification milestones - that’s planned for Q3 2019 ahead of September.

If a customer wanted to implement this new Certified integration, what would this look like / involve from the customer end?

Once live, enabling the Beamery-Workday Certified integration itself is a quick and painless process - primarily involving the mapping of the Beamery and Workday environments with appropriate API credentials for the certified integration. However, before an integration is connected this way, Beamery runs a consultation process with customers to ensure that the data and workflows involved have been carefully considered. Beamery’s Connect product allows it to not simply “integrate” Workday, but to map that integration into the desired reporting and automation configuration, to drive talent team efficiencies and positive candidate experiences. That can be different for every customer, not only because businesses have different configurations and workflows in Beamery, but because they have different goals. For example, we can help ensure that if someone is a “silver medalist” in Workday, they are automatically mapped to a nurture campaign within Beamery.

What that means is that Beamery typically works with customers on running a sandbox (non-production) environment for a few weeks to review and optimise the configurations. Beamery also ensures that appropriate guides and training materials are provided to users, to make the most out of their integration based on their company’s unique goals and preferences. Beamery and Workday give teams the tools they need to maximise the value their customers get from the integration.

Whilst the integration itself is straightforward - the provision of API keys - the actual process of implementation with the customer will be consultative.

Are there plans for future state integration enhancements and/or more co-developed solutions?

Beamery and Workday are committed to building further on what is a best-in-class CRM and ATS integration. When we think about what that means in the future, it’s mapping to our upcoming products and upcoming solutions - such that when Beamery makes further enhancements to the ways that recruiters can be proactive or candidate experiences improved, they are designed to be symbiotically mapped to Workday.

This includes our upcoming products such as Campus or University Recruiting, and multi-channel messaging such as SMS and WeChat for our customers in Asia. All of these new features are being designed with the Beamery + Workday integration and end-to-end workflow in mind.

Will the integration between Beamery and Workday enable recruitment marketing efforts driven by Beamery to be mapped back to candidates in Workday?

It is a bi-directional integration between Workday and Beamery. As long as the API supports that we can send all candidate information stored in Beamery to be mapped back into Workday - including the recruitment marketing campaign information.

Can Beamery check duplicates in Workday that already exist?

Beamery can de-duplicate candidates that are synchronised from Workday to Beamery. That can be either a candidate that originated in Beamery and was pushed to Workday, or, for example a candidate that was synchronised from Workday to Beamery - such as a “silver medalist”. Once that candidate is in Beamery, the platform de-duplicates data not just on a simplistic email method, but on auto-enrichment and social URLs. This is how Beamery de-duplicates via its sophisticated Chrome extension.

In short, the data can be de-duplicated, but only once it is in Beamery.

When does a candidate become an applicant across the Beamery and Workday integration?

As soon as someone applies for a job, their status changes and they become an applicant in Workday. Until that point, they will be seen as a prospect or candidate and are managed / engaged with within Beamery.

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