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Recruiting Events: Forget the Tote Bags

recruiting events strategy

So you’ve decided to have a proper recruiting events strategy.

Or events are already in your recruitment marketing mix, but you want to make sure you’re doing them right. Great! You recognize that:

a. To set yourself apart and attract the best talent, you need to make the most meaningful connections with the right candidates, and b. Despite championing your employer brand online, nothing beats an in-person experience to form or deepen those connections

But if you’re thinking about QR code check-ins and tote bags with cupcakes to increase your event ROI, you’re fixating on the wrong things.

Technology is a means to an end, and everyone has SWAG. Candidates don’t want another branded pen, they want a career that matters. Built on relationships that matter.

Events should be part of your wider recruitment strategy

Authentic candidate-employer relationships are hard to form, and even harder to maintain. Well-time events are a golden opportunity for candidates to experience a human interaction with your employer brand. This is why talent leaders pay so much attention to events as part of their overall recruiting strategy.

Your software should enable your recruiting events strategy. This means that your event management system should seamlessly integrate with your CRM, enabling you to identify the right passive candidates early on, start the event experience for them way before they walk through the door, and continue it long after they walk out, with your awesome tote bag.

That’s the driving thought behind the new Beamery Events module.

Events software should extend the value of your Talent Operating System

Extending value means a higher reward for incremental effort. With Beamery Events, we have two aims:

  • Enable our users to manage events with the same ease as the rest of Beamery
  • Make event experiences as frictionless as possible for users and candidates

Enable our users to manage events with the same ease as the rest of Beamery

This looks like:

  • Event lists that are filterable by team, creator, status and type, to find the right event quickly. Events can be shared with specific teams, so users only see events that are relevant to them
  • A calendar view of all your events to help you visually plan out a cadence of events that works for you
  • A workspace per event to manage all your assets in one place, including your event page, RSVP and check-in forms, campaigns and automation
  • A task and notification manager in the workspace, so you can collaborate with your team more effectively around each event
  • Guest lists segmented by event steps, which help you track the status of candidates for that event, from pre- to post-event engagement
  • A dashboard to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, engagement and conversions of your pages and forms, and the event ROI in terms of cost per lead, vacancies filled and hires made


Make event experiences as frictionless as possible for users and candidates

This looks like:

  • Branded email invites and reminders that look great and can be used to create event campaigns in a few clicks
  • Event landing pages in suggested formats, which you can customize and publish without requiring a single line of code or any help from IT
  • Simple check-in forms that work offline on tablets without supervision from staff and can take images of resumes, to maintain smooth candidates experiences on the day of the event
  • Post-event surveys embedded in email templates to gather feedback from candidates
  • A CRM with powerful search and filters, which the events module is built on, so you can find and nurture relevant, quality passive candidates as soon as you set up the event
  • Industry-leading automation to help you maintain personalized, precise event campaigns at scale with minimal input, so you can dedicate your time to optimizing the event itself

If you believe in forming meaningful connections with candidates, consider the strategy and software that enables this, not just the tote bags.

Selecting the Right Recruitment Marketing Technology for your Business

According to Aptitude Research, over 70% of enterprise organizations are investing in recruitment marketing capabilities this year. In order to help with this process, Kelly Cartwright, head of Talent Acquisition Technology Strategy at Amazon Web Services, and Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research, joined us to discuss some of the latest trends in recruitment marketing, and shared key recommendations for evaluating providers in a Beamery webinar.

[image-caption][view on-demand webinar here.]( [image-caption-end]


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