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Announcing The 2023 Beamie Award Winners

On June 8, Beamery announced the 2023 talent transformers during our annual Spark Live conference. This year we celebrated five companies who have pioneered and embraced talent agility for a changing world – having a lasting impact on their people and their businesses.

The Beamie Awards program is dedicated to recognizing the talented teams and trailblazers across Beamery’s customer base who are truly making a difference and charting a new path within Talent for their organizations.

Meet our winners…

The Visionary: AstraZeneca

The Visionary is dedicated to creating the optimum candidate experience for all talent – implementing automated processes and experiences that are built to scale. They have harnessed the capabilities of Beamery to dynamically protect candidate data, enhance pipeline quality, and enable their team to prepare for the future – setting the standard for becoming a leader in talent transformation.

The Visionary award for 2023 goes to AstraZeneca, in recognition of how they revolutionized their approach to data compliance and consent management. Alongside tackling their challenges head on to maximize the value of the intellectual property held in their ATS, the AstraZeneca team used Beamery to scale their talent communications and reintroduce passive pipelines back into available requisitions. A true display of proactive sourcing and planning, and a great use of Beamery segmentation!

“Beamery plays a key role for us in succession and workforce planning at the moment. We manage our augmentative external talent pipelines aligned with our internal succession plans. So we have an internal target for all business critical roles to have people at each stage of readiness, either internally or externally.” – Will Dempsey Director, Global Talent Acquisition, AstraZeneca

The Newcomer: Salesforce

The Newcomer has recently deployed Beamery and has a bold vision for how they plan to amplify the talent function. Their team has been committed to success from day one, and has been an exceptional partner to Beamery. Their immediate success has been undeniable and they have continued to push the boundaries on what's possible – paving the way for other businesses to follow.

The Newcomer award this year goes to Salesforce for their bold vision for embodying every aspect of Talent Lifecycle Management. Their team has established the blueprint for implementing a new system that will unify their talent teams across the globe. Taking a methodical and staged approach to rolling out Beamery, Salesforce has continued to elevate the landscape of talent transformation with world-class integrations, internal mobility capabilities, and AI-driven functionality that will power limitless possibilities for current and future talent.

“We are very excited with what we saw in the product, but also very excited about where we saw the product headed. Partnership is critical when you think about a long-term commitment to a partner, and we really look at Beamery as our partner in this.” – Andy Valenzuela, SVP, COO Global Recruiting, Salesforce

The Innovator: Wells Fargo

The Innovator has gone above and beyond to embrace change and transform the talent function in order to meet the changing needs of the business. Their teams have introduced innovative programs, processes, technology, and people to support the goals of their business. This award celebrates HR and talent teams that have organized and led broad adoption of new technologies and digital capabilities to transform their business model.

The 2023 Innovator award goes to Wells Fargo for their commitment to empowering military communities to effectively navigate life’s transitions to achieve ongoing career and financial success, while impacting the community. Their team reinvented cumbersome, manual workflows and processes to better streamline their military and veteran programs – giving their recruiters the ability to track ROI, while providing on-demand information for job seekers.

“Our military programs, which include military spouses, have benefited exponentially from Beamery. Beamery is an integral part of pulling our programs together and allowing us to share over 20,000 veteran and military spouse job seekers. We've sourced through various channels with our recruiting partners to fill our 3,000-plus jobs across the US. We utilize Beamery to help support more than 200 virtual and in-person related events that we attend annually. Because of Beamery, we are able to track ROI for these events, which previously we were unable to do with accuracy.” – Cassie Hart, Military Talent Relationship Manager, Senior Talent Sourcing Specialist, Wells Fargo

The Influencer: Canva

The Influencer thinks outside the box when it comes to building a world-class Talent Community. They are experts in creating a community that inspires current and future candidates, and empowers recruiters to take swift and effective action.

The Influencer award goes to Canva for using Beamery to create a centralized, consistent way of communicating with their talent community at scale, directly, and with purpose. With Beamery, Canva wanted to do more than just create a Talent Community. They wanted to be able to nurture, campaign and recruit the best talent in the market to further contribute to their mission of becoming a globally adored employer brand and attract the best candidates.

“We really felt like Beamery would enable us to transform our talent into a thriving talent community, so we could nurture, campaign and recruit the best talent in the market. Beamery’s interface is intuitive and easy to use, and we were inspired by all of the possibilities and choices it could offer our talent acquisition and talent brand teams. Also, our values are really important to us and are at the heart of everything that we do – so finding a partner in Beamery whose values align with ours was critical.” – Frances Agius, Talent Brand Partner, Canva

The Pioneer: Verizon

The Pioneer puts Talent Lifecycle Management at the heart of a modern, agile workforce. They are aspirational in their vision and they constantly challenge the status quo to ensure all of their processes and workflows are built programmatically and to scale. This award celebrates those who are constantly pushing the boundaries to be better and to improve the performance of their teams.

The Pioneer award goes to Verizon for their dedication to transforming their talent practices. Verizon is continually finding ways to prepare their talent and workforce for future needs, using Beamery to build a flexible skills taxonomy that will help close the skills gap and create a workforce for the future. They are building an agile model that’s constantly looking to get better and more effective, to provide the greatest experiences for their employees and to make sure Verizon is nurturing top talent.

“We’re so excited to accept the Beamie Award at Verizon! Working with Beamery this year has been so amazing as we start to think about transforming our talent practices. We are starting with our candidate relationship management tool and how that integrates into our human capital management system with Workday, but the relationship between Verizon and Beamery is really enabling us to think ahead, future state – how do we prepare our talent and our workforce for future needs so that we have an agile model that's constantly looking to get better and more effective to provide the greatest experiences for our employees and to make sure that we’re nurturing the talent that we bring in the door.” – Steve West, VP, Global Talent Acquisition, Verizon

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 Beamie Awards! Thank you for blazing the trail. We cannot wait to see how you raise the bar in 2024 and beyond.

Learn more about this year’s Spark Live event here, and watch the full video celebrating these talent transformers here

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