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The Latest Product News, November 2023

Want to see what’s new in Beamery and what you can get excited about? Here’s what you need to know about the latest product updates and what’s coming soon… 

Here’s a quick summary…

  • Join our webinar on November 30 and hear more about our Fall Product announcement!
  • New: Share attachments directly to and from Workday, with Attachment Push 
  • New: Improve your sourcing experience, with 3 new search filters
  • New: Reduce candidate dropout and streamline your analytics process, with Beamery’s Convert enhancements
  • In case you missed it: Create a more branded experience, with Custom Web Domains

Talent Data: Platform-as-a-Service & Integrations 🛠️

Improve your talent data quality & integrations: send attachments to Workday (bi-directional customers only)

Ensure you have consistent and up-to-date information, no matter which system you are in. Turn on Attachment Push within Beamery, and send important attachments to Workday from Beamery to enhance your candidate’s profile with cover letters, resumes, certifications, etc. Reach out to your CSM to activate the feature.

📍 Available for Workday Customers (bi-directional integration customers only) on Sandbox on November 1, and Beamery on November 15.

Talent Acquisition: Sourcing, Recruiting, & Hiring Manager Collaboration 🔎

Improve your sourcing experience, with three new filters 

Introducing new ways to source talent in the People grid, with brand new filters. Validate the quality of your Contacts by seeing if they have Social Links as part of their profile, or if the contact ‘has an attachment’. This will help Sourcers who want to narrow down their search based on the richness of the Contact profile. 

In addition, you can also easily filter by Vacancy Stage, or when this was last updated.

📍 Available on Beamery on November 15. (These filters will not be available in Data Explorer yet.)

Smart Profile: Easily edit skills on candidates’ profiles

Our new Smart Profile helps Recruiters, Sourcers, and Hiring Managers understand candidates’ skills and potential faster, with an at-a-glance view of the most relevant information from each candidate’s profile. 

Now, you can now edit the declared skills on the profile, just like you could with the previous experience.

📍 Coming to Sandbox and Beamery on November 15. (You can easily switch back to the old experience.) 

Coming next: Users can easily reply to notes added to a profile, or even pin important messages – creating smoother lines of communication between TA teams and Hiring Managers, before they submit a candidate for review.

✨ Watch it in action or read more here.

Coming soon: Find better talent faster, with the next generation of AI 

Help sourcers and recruiters focus on best-fit candidates much more quickly and with more context. Easily modify your search based on a person’s skills and experience, and now by industry and company size, to find talent that is a perfect match.

✨ Part of Beamery’s roadmap. Read more here.

Talent Acquisition: Candidate Attraction & Nurture 🧲

You spoke, we listened… Improvements to Campaigns 

We remain focused on solving the smaller (but important) issues that you’ve told us about in your existing workflows. Here are the four improvements we’ve made to Campaign production in Beamery this month, based on your feedback. 

  1. See full Campaign names, whatever their length, in the Campaign List, making it easier to find the one you’re looking for.
  2. Save time when sending Test emails by picking from the email addresses you’ve used previously, so that you can simply select rather than having to retype. 
  3. We’ve added an ‘if delivered’ touch trigger – so that you can set up a Campaign once, and run it all year round, regardless of which reply, click or open actions are taken.
  4. We’ve made it easier to find Campaigns you are hunting for, as you can now filter by type, status, and owner. 

📍 These four enhancements go live on Beamery and Sandbox on November 15.

Beamery Convert: reduce candidate dropout and streamline your analytics process

Capture candidate data straight from career sites, reducing candidate dropout without impacting the experience, by embedding Convert into the process.

📍 Available now. Contact us to enable it!

More great news! Convert now directly supports Google Analytics 4 properties, streamlining your analytics process. This integration allows for easier and more efficient tracking, without needing Google Tag Manager. Upgrade your analytics experience with this latest upgrade!

📍 Available on Beamery.

In case you missed it: Create a more branded experience, with Custom Web Domains

Empower your Talent Marketing team to customize URLs and create a seamless employer brand experience. Prevent drop-offs when candidates land on pages powered by Beamery, such as your Careers Site or Events pages. Offer clear and confident navigation for candidates to connect with you, while adhering to employer branding guidelines.

📍 Available now! Set up your custom web domain in three simple steps.

Talent Management: Talent Development, Mobility & Referrals 💜

A new way for employees to explore their career aspirations (powered by Beamery’s TalentGPT)

For Beamery Grow customers, we are evolving the employee experience from passive career pathways to active career navigation. Employees can enjoy easy, human-like conversations that help them clarify their career aspirations directly in Beamery. They can share their LinkedIn profile, express their development preferences, and get customized recommendations based on their enriched profile. They can also revisit these conversations at any point, add more information and receive personalized guidance.

✨ Watch this video for more on our vision for Career Navigation.

More TalentGPT news: Help us shape the future of our solution

Beamery Labs is our partnership program, and a chance for you to test our newest and most exciting features before anyone else. Beamery’s TalentGPT, the world’s first generative AI for HR technology, delivers personalized experiences for managers, recruiters, candidates, and employees. With TalentGPT, Beamery will transform every talent acquisition and management experience with generative AI.

We are excited to collaborate with you, so you can help shape how these experiences look, via two new Labs programs: 

  • Ask-me-anything Assistant: Drive user adoption and supercharge your recruitment efforts, with our ‘ask-me-anything’ in-app conversational assistance. This Beamery Labs program kicks off in November
  • Recipe Smart Search: Easily locate automation Recipes in the CRM to stay productive and compliant, and deliver a winning candidate experience. 

✨ Register your interest here (choose TalentGPT as the ‘interest area’).