A CRM your recruiters will love

Accelerate time-to-hire, stay ahead of demand and on top of your workload.

Get ahead of demand with proactive recruitment.

Proactively build pipelines of relevant, qualified talent and automatically surface priority candidates. Then, when a req opens, you can provide a slate of qualified candidates on day one.

Access up-to-date, actionable data.

Beamery ensures data is constantly enriched and deduplicated, so you have accurate information and can make data-driven decisions across the candidate pipeline.

An unrivalled automation engine.

Automate any kind of workflow or process imaginable to surface, pipeline, or nurture talent, so you can focus on targeted, one-to-one, human interactions.

Supercharge sourcer productivity

Take advantage of one click sourcing at scale. Instantly add hundreds of new contacts and their complete, searchable resumes to your database. And save time with automation: new leads can immediately be added to campaigns, nurture pools and even vacancies.

Enriched and validated data from day one

Always have the latest and greatest data. All new contacts, whether manually added, uploaded, synced from your ATS or sourced through the extension are automatically enriched and validated. That’s hundreds of live data points mapped to highlight best fit talent.

Unlock your candidate data

Activate the data in your HRIS and ATS to rediscover great silver-medallist candidates, current employees ready to move or alumni. Powerful search and filtering lets you find the exact skills you need, while comprehensive candidate timelines give you visibility into every interaction.

Nurture your priority talent groups

Build pools and pipelines of candidates to nurture key segments of your database. Progress candidates through your pipeline according to any initiative, even DE&I. Diversity data is protected, so you can monitor your impact while eliminating bias at every stage.

Automate to drive value and save time

Use Beamery’s powerful automation to handle administrative workflows and automatically pipeline talent, freeing up your team to focus on candidate relationships.

Answers to every question

Pre-built dashboards and completely customizable analytics, makes reporting on critical KPIs straightforward, validating the impact of your activity and letting you prioritize the work that matters.

Team performance

Understand each sourcer’s pipeline contribution and candidate quality

Pipeline coverage

Measure pipeline growth and whether it’s sufficient to cover upcoming roles

Activity tracking

Get complete insight into the day to day of every recruiter

Custom reporting

Slice and dice your entire database in any way you choose

The Complete Talent CRM Handbook


The Complete Talent CRM Handbook


Building a Proactive Recruiting Strategy


Building a Proactive Recruiting Strategy


The Talent Engagement Playbook


The Talent Engagement Playbook


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