A CRM your recruiters will love

Data enrichment to keep candidate records up to date, automated talent pipelining, and the reporting you need to forecast and make your team more effective. We’re just scratching the surface.

Benefit block icon An unrivalled automation engineAn unrivalled automation engine

Automate any kind of workflow or process imaginable to surface the most relevant and engaged talent, so your team can focus on targeted, one-to-one, human interactions.

Benefit block icon Actionable and up-to-date recruiting data.Actionable and up-to-date recruiting data.

New records and old ATS data are constantly enriched and deduplicated so your recruiters can focus on the people that are likely to move, and leverage an “always-up-to-date” database.

Benefit block icon The power of searchThe power of search

Lightening fast search makes every candidate you’ve ever spoken to instantly accessible. Find candidates that are more likely to move with smart filters that track engagement.

Benefit block icon Ask Sherlock

Ask Sherlock

Sherlock helps your team spend time on the right candidates, mapping hundreds of live data points to every record to highlight best fit talent.

Move from reactive to proactive

Build meaningful relationships with the right candidates well ahead of business demand

Benefit block icon Source from anywhereSource from anywhere

Cut the time it takes to source from any website, social network or job board to an all-time low and supercharge sourcer productivity with the Web Extension.

Benefit block icon Build talent pipelinesBuild talent pipelines

Build pipelines of candidates for key roles based on their interest, level of engagement or likelihood to move, or use automation to fill them based on your search criteria.

Benefit block icon Hire your next generation of leadersHire your next generation of leaders

Bring your executive search process into your CRM with workflow separation and confidentiality controls on sensitive talent pools, messages and candidates.

Answers to every question

Pre-built dashboards and completely customizable analytics, makes reporting on critical KPIs straightforward

Team performance

Understand each sourcer’s pipeline contribution and candidate quality

Pipeline coverage

Measure pipeline growth and whether it’s sufficient to cover upcoming roles

Activity tracking

Get complete insight into the day to day of every recruiter

Custom reporting

Slice and dice your entire database in any way you choose

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