Is your workforce holding you back?

Identify skills shortages and opportunities and fill them strategically, whether that’s hiring talent with priority skills, or retraining and upskilling the people you already have.

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Create your workforce of the future

Get a complete X-Ray view into the capabilities of your global workforce. Beamery’s Talent Graph AI unlocks skill data across your company, showing you gaps and opportunities, so you can meet business demand.

Realign talent to changing business strategy

Identify redeployment opportunities and reallocate staff into open positions where they have the skills to hit the ground running, reducing severance costs and negative impacts on employer brand.

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Build the talent you need

Focus your upskilling and reskilling on the capabilities your workforce will need next, growing your employees and reducing the strain on your recruiting team

Hire for potential

Evaluate candidates based on their skills and potential to grow, not just their experience, so you can hire the people with the capabilities your company needs today and tomorrow.

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