Are you meeting diversity targets?

Create more inclusive, bias-free experiences at every stage of the talent lifecycle and track progress towards corporate DEI objectives.

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Apply a skills-first approach

Evaluate talent objectively based on their skills and potential - not just their experience - to remove bias from your hiring process, mobility programs and succession planning.

Explainable, bias-free AI

Beamery’s AI is totally transparent, explainable and auditable, showing you the key data behind every recommendation so you can guard against bias or discrimination.

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Give employees agency over their careers

Give employees control of their career with a transparent, personalized map of the different paths they could take, removing traditional barriers around mentorship, development and promotion.

Diversity insights to keep you on track

Improve DEI outcomes with analytics to show you where people are not progressing, flag potential bias and highlight strategies that drive engagement from underrepresented groups.

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