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How Appian Attracts Talent in an Ultra-Competitive Market

Top candidates don't always want to go to the largest companies or the biggest names. It's just a matter of knowing when and how to tell them about the opportunities you offer.

After the past year, recruiting teams are under pressure to turn up the heat - every recruitment campaign has to hit home, every passive candidate has to be reached. Some companies have cracked the code on how to compete with the biggest brands on the market, even in the current conditions: Appian is one of them.

In this webinar, hear from Chris Fitzner, recruitment marketer by day and Brazilian jiu jitsu master by night, who will share how he’s leading the Appian team to take a strategic approach to recruitment marketing and aligning his strategies, tactics and results with the business. He’ll talk about how you can support your organization through growth, acquisition, and the ultimate competitive war for passive candidates.