Are weak integrations and poor data holding you back?

Activate value from the data held across your entire HRIT ecosystem, and put it to work.

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Accidents happen at intersections

Protect against data loss, out-of-sync information sources and manual errors. Real time, 2-way data sync means your team will always be looking at the right information and there’s no manual work or duplicated effort.

Futureproof your technology investments

Beamery helps you get more out of your existing HCM investments, integrating, cleaning and enriching your global talent data in a single system so that you can attract, engage and retain talent more effectively.

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Creating a connected HR tech stack

The Beamery platform provides a deeper and more effective connection to your other recruiting products, improving data quality, the user experience, and reliability.

Connect your systems to unlock an experience that’s actually seamless across your tech stack.

Beamery integrations create a single-platform user experience, making it easy to run your critical workflows.

Leverage partnerships with industry leaders for premium talent experiences and data quality.

Peace of mind on data freshness, accuracy and access control.

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Unlock new possibilities

Create powerful workflows that connect and automate processes that were previously siloed in different tools to create a better experience for recruiters, candidates and managers.

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