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Integrations that make your team feel like they’re using a single platform

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Integrations that are actually seamless

Beamery’s Connect platform allows for a deeper and more effective connection to the other recruiting products that you’re using.

Benefit block icon Data unification

Data unification

All of your candidate data is deduplicated, enriched, and searchable in a single system, no matter what other recruiting products you’re using.

Benefit block icon Improve the user experience

Improve the user experience

The right integration makes connected products feel like a single platform, improving the user experience, and making it easy for recruiters to run critical workflows.

Benefit block icon Give your IT team confidence

Give your IT team confidence

With the right infrastructure for good data federation, IT can have confidence in your candidate data, how it’s kept up to date, how to control access, and how to leverage it.

Accidents happen at intersections

It’s when data moves between systems in modern recruiting that problems can happen. With seamless 2-way data sync Beamery lets you connect candidates, data, and legacy systems with integrations that are deeper and more secure.

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Partners and integrations

We partner with the best so that you don’t have to compromise. Explore the Beamery ecosystem.

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