Protect your candidate data

Enterprise wide compliance, data governance, and process enforcement for local and global regulations

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Compliance management made simple

Handle the management of candidate consent in a way that doesn’t impact the candidate experience, use automation to effectively enforce data deletion and archiving, and run database wide audits by region.

Benefit block icon Control consent at every point

Control consent at every point

Let candidates opt-into communication wherever you engage with them - from LinkedIn, to email, to your careers site. Protect the experience and block your team from contacting candidates that aren't interested

Benefit block icon Get peace of mind through automation

Get peace of mind through automation

Leverage automated workflows to anonymize and archive data in certain geographies according to company policy, and to constantly check your database to safeguard your team.

Benefit block icon Audit the end-to-end process

Audit the end-to-end process

Track all interactions with candidates, pull custom consent reports, and track opt-ins - either across your entire database or in specific geographies.

Worldwide peace of mind

Beamery Comply makes it easy to enforce company-wide compliance with global and local legislation - from the GDPR, to China's CyberSecurity Law, to Russia Data Protection Act No.152-FZ and more.

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Keep your team compliant

Enforce compliant behaviours across your team and ensure that candidates that have opted out are not accidentally added back into the system or contacted again.

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GDPR: The Complete Guide for Recruiting Teams


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