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The Latest Product News: January 2024

Want to see what’s new in Beamery and what you can get excited about? Here’s what you need to know about the latest product updates and what’s coming soon… 

Here’s a quick summary…

  • Join our webinar on 25 January and learn how to find better candidates faster, with AI Talent Match!
  • Also: On January 16, discover an improved way to collaborate across the recruitment process. Sign up for the webinar now.
  • New: Collaborate directly on the candidate profile, with notes and conversation threads.
  • Important: Avoid being penalized for violating the new spam rules.
  • In case you missed it: Match candidates to roles based on skills with greater accuracy, by taking into account “inferred skills” versus “declared skills”.

Talent Acquisition: Sourcing, Recruiting, & Hiring Manager Collaboration 🔎

New: Easily share candidate updates in Smart Profile

Easily reply to notes added to a profile, or even pin important messages, and create smoother lines of communication between TA teams and Hiring Managers, before they submit a candidate for review.

📍 Coming to Beamery on January 17. (You can easily switch back to the old experience.) 

notes in smart profile

Coming soon: Manage Campaigns directly in Smart Profile

See which previous (and live) Campaigns the candidate has been enrolled in, simply by checking the “Overview” page of their profile. Add or remove them from Campaigns without switching views.

New: Candidate names in native language format 

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language” – Dale Carnegie

Smart Profile now includes a new field specifically for adding candidate names in their native language format (for individuals with a non-English-alphabet name). 

Copy the native name with one click by selecting the copy icon next to the name. Then you can simply paste it into your outreach emails.

candidate native name

New: Check the amount of candidates across every vacancy stage 

Meet hiring deadlines every time, by ensuring the correct amount of candidates exist across every stage of every vacancy.

Easily view contacts at each vacancy stage in this enhanced Vacancies List experience, and receive AI-powered suggestions on what next steps you could take to fill the role.

📍 Coming to Sandbox: 10 January

vacancy stage

Talent Acquisition: Candidate Attraction & Nurture 🧲

New: Enhancements for Campaigns delivery and performance

Following the stricter email send requirements announced by Google and Yahoo late last year, we’re ensuring our customers remain compliant and continue to get the very best out of the Campaigns experience. 

This means changing the way Unsubscribes work, from two clicks to one. It’s a small change, but it may have a big impact on maintaining the deliverability and performance of your campaigns. 

✨ You can read about the changes here.

In case you missed it: Experience Candidate Portals

Candidate Portals represent the first truly skills-based, candidate experience of the future, built to help you successfully nurture top talent.

  • Skills-based: Give candidates the ability to find jobs based on the core skills you need (and they have).
  • Personalized: Surface relevant roles and content that increases their likelihood to engage and respond.
  • Automated: Automatically send messages to candidates based on key candidate behavior.
  • Guided by AI: Deliver unrivaled AI-powered support on their journey, as they look for a role in your organization.

✨ Read more about Candidate Portals here.

✨ Watch the video here.


Workforce Intelligence 💡

In case you missed it: Dynamic Job Architecture 

Discover dynamic reports and insights that analyze your current skills, the skills you need, and how to optimize your talent allocations. 

Easily create and manage your always-on Job Architecture, creating a bespoke skills taxonomy that powers your hiring and talent development experiences.

✨ Missed the webinar? Catch up now.

New: Consistent Skills Definitions

To ensure skill definitions are consistent across systems, and you can get the best possible talent-related recommendations, the skill definitions used in AI Talent Match will now also be used across Dynamic Job Architecture & Talent Portals.

skills definitions

New: Calibrate vacancies by taking into account how the skill was listed

Filter your Vacancy Calibration results to take into account “inferred skills”, “declared skills”, or both. Toggle filters to assess how contacts align with vacancies, and make adjustments to find the best shortlist of suitable talent.

✨ Looking to get the most out of these AI-powered capabilities? Join the webinar to learn how.

New: Add & remove skills manually in Dynamic Job Architecture

Users now have more freedom to manage their Job Architecture by:

  • Manually adding or removing the skills listed under a particular job role
  • Adding a skill to all roles in the same job family
  • Selecting multiple skills at once, and removing them from the role

skills selection