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The Latest Product News: May 2024

Want to see what’s new in Beamery and what you can get excited about? Here’s what you need to know about the latest product updates, and what’s coming soon… 

Here’s a quick summary…

  • New: An upgraded candidate experience, with Convert Flow
  • Soon: An even better way to understand and track Contacts, with Smart Profile
  • In case you missed it: Beamery unveiled its Roadmap! Watch the recording here.

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Talent Acquisition: Sourcing, Recruiting, & Hiring Manager Collaboration 🔎

Coming Soon: More Smart Profile Enhancements

A note from Olga, the Product Manager: Still waiting to start using the new Smart Profile? Tell us why! We’d love to get your feedback and improve your experience.

The profile you know and love is evolving, as we plan to phase out the old profile experience.

Read more about the updates coming this month:

New Inbox

All external communication with the Contact is being moved from the Timeline to its own dedicated space. The Inbox is now the home for all external communication, including campaigns, direct messages, and SMS.


📍 Sandbox: May 8

📍 Available: May 22

Read more about it here.

New History Log

Updates on the Contact are also being separated from the Timeline and given their own dedicated space. 

This change introduces a new concept: the Workspace. Workspaces allow for greater multitasking ability and productivity, which revolutionizes how users interact with Beamery profiles. 

With a Workspace open, you can still see the Contact summary/whatever you were looking at before, making it easier than ever to reference the information you need to complete a task. 

📍 Sandbox: May 8

📍 Available: May 22

Read more about it here.

New Attachments Experience

Users can now select the type of attachment before uploading to the Smart Profile, and can easily drag and drop files for upload.

The browser is now handling document previews, which resolves issues caused by internal IT security policies. This new approach provides a smoother, more efficient user experience.

Please note: We’ve also introduced a limit of 10 attachments per contact, to optimize profile load time.


📍 Sandbox: May 8

📍 Available: May 22

Read more about it here.

Coming Soon: Candidate Review Enhancements

Talent Acquisition teams will soon have more ways to better align with Hiring Managers in evaluating the fit of a potential candidate for a role – all based on skills.

By proactively sharing pre-interview candidates with the Hiring Manager, using Candidate Review, Hiring Managers can view the candidates’ skills, assess their fit for the role, and provide feedback. 

Once TA teams receive feedback, they can take the next action for the candidate directly in the current workflow, without needing to switch tabs. 


📍 Coming soon.

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Coming soon: Calibrate the ideal candidate profile, with contextual insights

Ensure every Hiring Manager has realistic expectations about the various areas impacting a hire by showing them powerful insights from Beamery while they calibrate a vacancy. 

Easily identify silver medalists, great fit contacts, and recently engaged candidates.

📍 Coming soon to all customers with AI Talent Match. 

Also: Soon provide recruiters with actionable market insights they can share before kicking off, or when calibrating a vacancy. Explore emerging skills, location insights, and salary benchmarks ​​to ensure the job search is fair, transparent, and benchmarked against the latest industry trends. 

📍Labor Market Insights within Vacancy Calibration will be available to customers who purchase Labor Market Insights. Ready in H2.

Watch this video to learn more or read more here.

Please note: We will be removing the Timeline tab from the new Smart Profile when History log and Inbox are released to production. The items that currently live on the Timeline will get their dedicated space on the new Smart Profile. The Notes tab is already available. All communication with the contact – emails, campaigns, SMS – will be available in the brand new Inbox tab. And all changes to the contact will be accessible in the new History log workspace.

Talent Acquisition: Candidate Attraction & Nurture 🧲

New: An upgraded candidate experience, with enhanced Beamery Convert

Our new Convert experience will empower candidates with a more secure and personal way to update their information directly through Convert Flows, in a seamless process that is instantly reflected in their CRM profiles. 

Candidate Profile will deliver:

  • Smooth and quick updates: Candidates can easily update their information by clicking a customized link, no need for passwords or additional logins.
  • A more personalized experience: When candidates log in, they’re greeted with their existing information, making updates straightforward and efficient. 
  • Modern interaction: We’re moving away from traditional “Thank You” pages. Now, a brief toast message confirms candidate updates. 

To enjoy the new Convert Flow, you will need to have activated your custom web domain. Custom web domains are a great way to maintain brand consistency across your candidate-facing experience and increase brand recognition and trust. 

Candidate Profile is coming soon, so use this time to set up your custom web domain and maximize the benefits of this feature once it’s live. To find out how to do this, follow our support article here

New: Connect to Pools in Convert

Never miss a candidate submission. Ensure that every candidate’s journey through the Convert Flow is captured, tracked, and analyzed with precision.

During Convert Flow creation, you’ll have the option to “link to an existing Pool” or create a new one, ensuring every contact goes somewhere, automatically – and that candidates are always accounted for.

This means we can help users make better-informed decisions and track candidate submissions more easily, directly within Convert. 

For more sophisticated candidate segmentation, you can still use Recipes to expand your automation.

Check out our overview of Convert here and how to create a Convert Flow.

📍Available: May 1

Coming Soon: Continuous improvements in Convert

Export CSV Reports

Get the data at your fingertips to create custom reports quickly, and export all of your reports as one as a CSV file, directly from the Convert Landing page. Easily determine your most successful Convert Flows, and make better data-driven decisions.

Social Media Icons

Strengthen your brand recognition by adding your social media icons to the Convert “Thank You” page, making it quick and easy for candidates to access your social channels and immerse themselves in your employer brand.

📍 Coming soon

Coming Soon: Streamlined Event check-in

As part of our continued commitment to make in-person events friction-free, we’re simplifying the check-in process – by introducing authenticated QR codes, with automated registration confirmation emails. 

Attendees can now also add the event to their calendar or ‘view the event page’ (if relevant) to see more details about the event.

Alongside this, company representatives will now be able to access attendee profiles whilst at an event, to understand more about them – and add any new insights.

📍Sandbox: May 6

📍Available: May 20

Read more about it here.

Workforce Intelligence 💡

Coming Soon: AI Recommendations Enhancement

Get even more precise skills recommendations within Suggested Contacts, thanks to “Declared Skills”. Differentiate between which skills have been inferred and which have been declared by candidates, to accurately validate candidate skill matches against those associated with a vacancy, and prioritize the best-fit candidates.

Reduce time-to-fill and optimize workforce utilization by finding the right skills, at the right time – and increase the likelihood of retaining talent, by deploying them in the way that best aligns with their skills.

📍 Live in Sandbox

📍 Available: May 8

One more thing…

Speak to your CSM about creating and syncing your bespoke Job Architecture within Beamery, to ensure everyone speaks the same language regarding skills.

job architecture

📍Available now

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