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The Latest Product News: February 2024

Want to see what’s new in Beamery and what you can get excited about? Here’s what you need to know about the latest product updates, and what’s coming soon… 

Here’s a quick summary…

Have you tried TalentGPT from Beamery? 🚀

Offer personalized experiences for managers, recruiters, candidates, and employees with the world’s first generative AI for HR technology.

Our generative AI-powered solution, TalentGPT, simplifies processes, personalizes talent journeys, and boosts your teams’ productivity – all while helping you adopt a truly skills-based approach to recruitment.

  • Help your team simplify complex and manual tasks 
  • Easily match talent to opportunities based on skills
  • Create highly relevant job descriptions and candidate communications
  • Engage with candidates at the perfect time 

To explore the new experiences made possible with TalentGPT, we need your organization to review and agree to the TalentGPT terms. Learn more about how our AI works here, and review the terms below.

New: Easily search for Recipes

Use automations in your Beamery CRM? Use TalentGPT to find them easily, to stay productive and compliant – and deliver a winning candidate experience. Our new Recipes search is available to customers who signed the TalentGPT conditions. 

✨ Watch the demo.

📍 Coming soon for customers who have signed the TalentGPT addendum. Reach out to your CSM for more details.

recipes search

New: Supercharge recruiter productivity

Drive greater adoption in Beamery, and supercharge your recruiters, with in-app conversational assistance. This new Homepage bot assistant provides simple, human-like interactions in the app, giving Talent Acquisition the answers to all their questions. Our Ask-Me-Anything bot is currently part of Beamery Labs. 

✨ Watch a demo.

📍 Coming soon to Beamery Labs. Please reach out to your CSM if you want to shape this solution’s future! 

New: Build better outreach emails with AI assistance

Discover a faster, more personalized way for Sourcers to reach out to prospects at scale, with a simple click of a button

✨ Watch a demo.

📍 Smart Outreach is part of Beamery Labs. Please reach out to your CSM if you want to take part. 

In case you missed it: Find better talent faster, with contextual AI suggestions 

Beamery’s AI Talent Match helps you to better understand the context of someone’s skills, previous roles, and seniority level. We have recently added even more powerful insights so you can focus on best-fit candidates: now see more context around industry and company size, and find highly relevant talent for your specific organization.

✨ Want to learn more? Read everything you need to know about our AI here, and watch our recent webinar to learn more about improving recruiter efficiency with Beamery’s AI, as well as our skills-powered profile innovation.

Talent Acquisition: Sourcing, Recruiting, & Hiring Manager Collaboration 🔎

Explore Smart Profile: our new skills-based candidate profile experience.

Check out all the latest improvements to our new Smart Profile experience, which helps your sourcers and recruiters discover a new skills-based hiring workflow, quickly assess talent (with skills-powered Profiles), evaluate candidates’ skills and potential quickly, without opening a resume, and improve collaboration with Hiring Managers.

New: Manage Campaigns directly in Smart Profile, easily add profile tags, and use Beamery’s contextual AI insights

You can now see which previous (and live) Campaigns a candidate has been enrolled in, simply by checking their profile's “Overview” page. Add or remove them from Campaigns without switching views.

What’s more exciting is that you can now fully embed your skills-based hiring approach, and leverage AI insights, while using the Smart Profile. See our AI Talent Match score breakdown, taking into account job role, skills, seniority, company size, and industry, offering the most holistic view of a candidate.

There’s more! Users can now easily create profile tags in the new Smart Profile experience (just like they liked to do in the old experience). In addition, the candidate’s location is now editable right from the profile header, so users can simply click it, to edit it directly.

📍 These enhancements are available for all customers.

In case you missed it: Easily share candidate updates in Smart Profile

Easily reply to notes added to a profile, or even pin important messages, and create smoother lines of communication between TA teams and Hiring Managers, before they submit a candidate for review.

📍 Available to all customers.

notes in smart profile

In case you missed it: Candidate names in native language format 

Smart Profile now includes a new field specifically for adding candidate names in their native language format (for individuals with a non-English-alphabet name). 

Copy the native name with one click by selecting the copy icon next to the name. Then you can simply paste it into your outreach emails.

📍 Available to all customers.

candidate native name

In case you missed it: Check the amount of candidates across every vacancy stage

Meet hiring deadlines every time, by ensuring the correct amount of candidates exist across every stage of every vacancy.

Easily view contacts at each vacancy stage in this enhanced Vacancies List experience, and receive AI-powered suggestions on what next steps you could take to fill the role.

📍 Available to all customers.

Talent Acquisition: Candidate Attraction & Nurture 🧲

New: Fine tune your Convert filters

The main Convert dashboard now has new filtering options, which allow for a more organized and tailored view of your Flows. Easily distinguish between Events and standard Convert flows, and search by Convert URL link, to find what you need simply and quickly.

We’re improving the experience for candidates when they fill out Convert Flow forms, by adding search functionality to help them efficiently look through long drop-down lists.

📍 Live now.

New: Supercharge your candidate tracking, with URL parameter mapping 

This latest enhancement to Convert is designed to seamlessly integrate additional candidate and analytics data directly into your CRM profiles, to improve your candidate tracking and refine your recruitment metrics. 

URL parameter mapping is a straightforward solution to knowing more about your candidates without asking them for more information. Here's how:

  • Seamlessly Map Data: Directly integrate additional metadata from URL parameters into form submissions, enriching candidate profiles in your CRM without any extra input from the candidate.
  • Enhanced Tracking: Ascertain the origin of form submissions by capturing referral sources, campaign IDs and recruiter information, offering you a clear view of your most effective recruiting channels.
  • Referral Data Integration: Effortlessly add referral information to form submissions, allowing for accurate tracking of how candidates find their way to your forms.

📍 Moving to production on February 21.

Coming soon: Improving real-time Events experience for company representatives

We’re creating a new Events experience in the CRM that enables company representatives to log into Beamery, find attendee profiles and input notes whilst they’re at an event, increasing productivity from the event experience.

📍 Entering Labs on Feb 14.

New: Improving the quality of your metrics

We’re enhancing our Convert dashboard metrics by bringing data processing in-house, significantly improving the accuracy of our analytics. This upgrade empowers you to make confident, data-driven decisions with more precise and reliable numbers at your fingertips.

📍 Available now

In case you missed it: Experience Candidate Portals

Candidate Portals represent the first truly skills-based, candidate experience of the future, built to help you successfully nurture top talent.

  • Skills-based: Give candidates the ability to find jobs based on the core skills you need (and they have).
  • Personalized: Surface relevant roles and content that increases their likelihood to engage and respond.
  • Automated: Automatically send messages to candidates based on key candidate behavior.
  • Guided by AI: Deliver unrivaled AI-powered support on their journey, as they look for a role in your organization.

✨ Read more about Candidate Portals here.

✨ Watch the video here.


Workforce Intelligence 💡

In case you missed it: Evolve your skills data, with labor market insights

When you create your dynamic Job Architecture on Beamery, you will also be able to unlock embedded labor market insights – to help you make more effective and efficient decisions around hiring and upskilling.

Gain a real-time picture of the skills within your workforce and talent pipeline, and combine that with valuable insight into how your competitors are hiring, salary ranges, and average time-to-fill for the specific role.

✨ Missed the webinar? Catch up now.

New: Add & remove skills in Dynamic Job Architecture

Job Architecture users can now manage their skills data with greater ease by selecting individual or multiple skills to add to a role at once, and remove any duplicates. Skills are carefully extracted from job titles and descriptions to help you move beyond job titles to skills, and give you a clearer picture of the current level of internal demand.

skills selection