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Talent acquisition is a journey, a relationship. With our open, easy to integrate API and powerful integration middleware layer, we make it straightforward to connect your HCM ecosystem.

With the flexibility to combine different products and technologies, Beamery helps you create a stack that is truly best in class, extend the value of existing systems, and provide a seamless process for candidates and for talent acquisition teams.

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Our combined strategic product alignment, vision, and commitment to technical excellence deliver operational efficiency, more effective sourcing and improved workflows for talent teams.

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Beamery integrates with SAP SuccessFactors to transform talent acquisition, diversity, internal mobility, reporting, workforce planning and more, helping talent leaders build their workforce of the future.

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Our Public API

The Beamery API is used to manage and enhance contact and vacancy information with endpoints to create, read, update or delete from the Beamery platform.

Our API is RESTful and responses are delivered in JSON format. The Beamery API supports SSL, and as such all requests must be made using the HTTPS protocol.

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Beamery Acquires Flux

Beamery will offer the first unified platform for internal & external resourcing, allowing businesses to tap into their global talent pool & recruit, find, develop & redeploy people “on-demand.”

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The Talent Trap

How the world’s most innovative companies are escaping the Talent Trap and redefining the future of work with Beamery's Talent Trap whitepaper.

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Beamery Talent Index - Fourth Edition

As the internal gig economy takes off, Beamery’s latest Talent Index highlights the importance of upskilling and reskilling existing employees to keep interest levels high and improve retention.

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