Ethical AI

Ethical AI

Boost recruiter efficiency, help every employee build their career, improve decisions around skills and talent, and supercharge business performance, with AI you can trust.

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Be at the frontier, with the leader in AI

Ethical AI helps businesses increase productivity, reduce bias, and hire and develop workers to achieve their full potential.

Re-imagine your HR processes and talent experiences: industry-leading TalentGPT, the first generative AI for HR, creates easy, personal and enjoyable experiences for managers, recruiters, candidates, and employees — transforming your talent strategy.

Trust the experts, with auditable AI

Stay compliant, with a provider that believes in transparency and relies on independent verification to actively check for bias. 

Beamery was the first HR Tech company to undergo a third-party audit to demonstrate the fairness of our algorithms.

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Deploy AI with confidence 

Activate AI with confidence that meets your company standards.

Empower your talent teams, with real-time insights that explain the rationale behind AI-powered suggestions. Allow for continuous oversight, testing and complete auditing.

Get more from your AI with the right data foundation

Without high quality data, it’s impossible for AI to deliver the outcomes you’re looking for. 

Beamery cleans, de-duplicates and enriches all your talent data, with a proprietary knowledge graph of billions of talent data points. Get more relevant suggestions, by applying AI to your specific job architecture, and skills information from inside your organization. 

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AI For The Enterprise That Powers Key Outcomes

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Find better talent, and hire for potential 

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Create a personalized experience throughout the talent lifecycle

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Drive employee engagement in development and learning

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Reduce bias and better meet your DE&I targets

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Supercharge recruiter efficiency

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Manage your job architecture and skills 


AI is very powerful and can help find profiles we wouldn’t have normally found through generic sourcing. It also helps meet DE&I targets, especially for candidates that are very hard to find normally.

Laurabel Jung
Talent Relationship Manager, Zalando

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The AI-powered Talent Match feature is my favorite, because it now allows recruiters to easily find and review relevant talent for every role.

Steven Duncan
Sr. Talent Acquisition Consultant, Assurant

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Connected Insights: Elevate Your Skills Intelligence

Connected Insights: Elevate Your Skills Intelligence

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