About Beamery

About Beamery

We help the world’s largest and most innovative companies create more human talent experiences and unlock the skills and potential of their global workforce.

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We’re creating equal access to work for all

We believe there’s a better way for companies to connect with future talent. A way that puts talent at the heart of every business - rooted in building relationships, and mirroring the sophistication with which companies market their products, build communities and develop their brand.

Our story


Beamery is founded.

Beamery was founded on the premise that regardless of where you live, your background, pedigree, race, or religion, that everyone should have the same access to work, and that companies needed to fundamentally transform their hiring process.
Abakar SaidovCo-founder & CEO, Beamery

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Our culture and values

We're lucky that the people at Beamery are not only superb at their jobs, but are a reliable friendly bunch who leave egos out of the equation.

Our values

These values guide our decisions, how we build teams and our product.

Value - Start with why


  • Put customers first

  • Always dig deep

Value - Own the change you seek


  • If it could be better, change it

  • Commit and follow through

Value - Act with kindness


  • Bring out the best in others

  • Growth is a shared responsibility

Value - Communicate openly


  • Listen, speak up and risk being wrong

  • Default to transparency

Value - Make a positive impact together


  • Find ways to give back

  • Do the right thing

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We believe in creating access to opportunities.

We strongly believe that through our product, team and brand, we have an opportunity to create a more diverse, inclusive and equitable future. We are focused on...

Working as one

We’re creating an environment where we bring out the best in others, so that our people feel empowered to listen, speak up and risk being wrong.

Building our team

We have a way to go towards building a truly diverse team, but are firm in our belief that when different points of view come together to solve seemingly insurmountable challenges, we all thrive.

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G2 Enterprise Leader

G2 Crowd2021

Fastest 50 growing companies in the UK

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