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Watch: Dynamic Skills-based Job Architecture & Skills Insights

If you’re still not sure where to start on skills, we can help. If you have already taken the leap and have your own skills taxonomy, we can help make it better.  

  • Define (or enhance) your skills taxonomy. We can give you an existing skills and roles job architecture to work from, or we can make your existing one even better. Define what “skills” means in whatever way you want: from behaviors and soft skills, to hard technical skills. 
  • Easily maintain your new skills-based job architecture. Whether you’re working with us to create a new skills taxonomy or to enhance your existing one, make sure your new job architecture doesn’t become stale in a fast-changing world of talent and skills. 
  • Start making data-driven decisions today with skills insights. Understand where skills deficits are in the labor market. Shape your L&D strategy to re-train or upskill talent, in order to plug gaps. Compare what is happening in the external world and better prioritize acquisition activities to build talent pools of critical skills. 

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