Is your career site a competitive advantage?

Is your career site a competitive advantage?

Showcase your employer brand, attract and convert talent, and make a first impression that lasts throughout the talent lifecycle.

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Deliver a consumer grade experience

Deliver a relevant, contextual and beautifully on brand talent experience, for the best possible start to your relationship with candidates. Our digital experts will elevate your unique proposition and deliver a beautiful, bespoke, site.

3 hours
is all the training you need to be fully setup and enabled on Beamery Career Sites.

Personalized for every candidate

With intelligent job search, candidates find what they’re looking for faster - let them save jobs and sign up for your talent network, and show them opportunities, events and content according to their skills, experience, interest and behavior.

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Sophisticated experiences, simple to manage

Your message is what matters most. Beamery’s CMS makes it easy to create, edit, and publish content yourself in minutes.

No more unexpected fees or wasted time relying on web teams for content updates. You can update and manage your site easily with logical content arrangement and flexible editing rules.

Rank highly on major search engines and Google for Jobs. You can manage your metadata, or let the CMS handle it. Ensure lightning-fast experiences with automatically added Google AMP versions.

Put DEI at the heart of your strategy with analysis of bias, readability and positivity sentiment for your job descriptions and guidance on how to improve.

Provide a seamless experience for everyone regardless of language, device or accessibility needs. Our sites comply with WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards, and are fully responsive.

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Focus on the journey

Make Career Sites part of a journey, not a dead end. Follow through from an engaging on-site experience and nurture candidates through to application and beyond.

Unlock insights with powerful reporting

Report on every aspect of site performance and conversion to make sure your message is landing, and track applicants through your hiring funnel to understand the sources that are providing the best talent.

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