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Video: Candidate Portals Capabilities (Beamery Labs)

We’re launching our newest innovation from Beamery Connect – Candidate Portals, part of the Beamery Labs program.

Our unique solution will deliver a personalized revolution in the candidate experience, which helps you truly build a relationship with candidates.

Starting from 2023, Candidate Portals is part of the Beamery Labs program, and customers participating in it can discover new capabilities including:

  • Provide an individualized experience for every candidate, at scale
  • Help candidates find jobs and opportunities that match their preferences.
  • Re-engage candidates with AI-powered job alerts
  • Easily collect consent and preferences from candidates, giving candidates full control – allow them to set preferences and opt in/out of experiences
  • Nurture candidates at all points of the journey
  • Better understand your candidates, based on skills and intent
  • Improve recruiters’ efficiency, with automated messages
  • Convert more candidates into applicants while maintaining a high quality of candidates.

Learn more about the functionality coming with Candidate Portals here.