Do you have a modern data and AI foundation?

Do you have a modern data and AI foundation?

Leverage the power of AI to create more human experiences and help your workforce maximise its potential.

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The end of “black box” AI

Our AI is bias-free, and our commitments are to fairness, accountability and transparency, so you’re never left in the dark.

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Data and models must be non-discriminatory.
We use data that is representative of real-world scenarios to train models. Our models deliver unbiased outcomes.

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Al must allow for audits throughout the process. We have robust monitoring processes in place for easy reviews, feedback collection, and improvements.

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Al must be explainable in everyday language. You should be able to understand why a model performed the way it did from the context of its use.

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Achieve your DEI targets, with bias-free AI

See all the talent in your network—candidates, applicants, and employees—and understand them based on the skills they have, and the ones they can develop. Use skills to find more diverse talent in your funnel, and support progression and career pathing more fairly.

Smarter candidate recommendations

AI recommends candidates to your recruiters based on their skills and potential, as well as their similarity to high performers in the same role at your company.

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The Beamery Talent Graph™

The Beamery Talent Graph™ leverages more than 17 billion data points and connects and contextualizes global talent data.

For the first time, organizations can understand skill density across their workforce, and identify the existing, adjacent and potential skills of every potential hire and employee. It provides the foundation for the next generation of talent acquisition and talent management.

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