The new foundation for talent management

Harnessing the power of talent data so you know who to hire today and tomorrow.

Make data your competitive advantage

The Talent Data Platform (TDP) doesn’t just unify, clean and standardize data to make workflows as effective as possible. Its deep learning capabilities bring new context to data, so you can see talent where your competitors can’t and effectively plan, acquire and manage talent, whatever the future brings.

Benefit block icon Total talent view for today and tomorrowTotal talent view for today and tomorrow

Get a deep understanding of your talent's capabilities and potential, identify what you need today and in the future, and match the right talent to the right roles.

Benefit block icon Consumer level candidate experiencesConsumer level candidate experiences

Create consumer level experiences with content and opportunities tailored to every person based on skills, projected career paths, behavior, intent and more.

Benefit block icon AI and automation that worksAI and automation that works

Deliver true time saving and automated, individualized experiences for candidates with AI, deep learning and automation tools that transform the impact of your team.

Enabling the next generation of talent tools

With a constant core of accurate, up to date and standardized data, the TDP provides the foundation for us, our partners, and you to build the next generation of talent tools. It gives you the flexibility to evolve your tech stack with your needs, with a data platform for today and the future—whatever that may be.

    A new standard in data quality

    Our cleaning, enrichment, parsing and standardization capabilities ensure data is not just accurate, but also complete, fresh, valid, accurate, consistent and accessible.

    Uncover hidden talent

    See talent where others can’t. We identify and infer skillsets and potential through bias free deep learning algorithms that leverage over 1 billion data entities in a talent graph.

    Agility through transformation

    Real transformation means more than reducing admin. Connected, contextualized data gives you a clear view of your talent, to easily identify opportunities and track progress—transforming processes like DE&I and internal mobility, and giving you the agility to adapt to change.

    Identify and solve skills gaps

    Leverage your new talent graph to get a total view of the capabilities within your business, and what you’ll need in the future—giving you a path to solve capability gaps or reskilling challenges, and a dynamic view of how skills are evolving.

    Future proof your strategy

    Adapt to new business requirements and changing market conditions with the flexibility to add or remove different technology solutions, with confidence in the quality of integrations.

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