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Identify the right talent faster with Explainable AI

Identify the right talent faster with Explainable AI

Improve recruiter efficiency, and offer a personalized experience for candidates, employees, and alumni with explainable AI.

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Source candidates more effectively, retain more employees, and reduce bias, with a single, “always up-to-date” picture of the capabilities and potential of every employee and candidate.

Why Beamery - Explainable AI - Explainable Insights

Use AI to hire for potential

Identify the candidates your competition can’t find- with explainable AI-driven candidate matching suggestions that are based on skills, proficiency, and potential.


of Talent Index respondents said AI helps companies to identify suitable candidates more efficiently.

Personalize every career path

Give candidates control of their careers and increase employee tenure by offering personalized job and career pathing suggestions.


longer tenure with Beamery Grow.

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Why Beamery - Explainable AI - A new way to think about skills

Unify your skills data and unlock value

Create a single source of truth for skills, with one “always up-to-date” taxonomy across your organization, with the flexibility to add and sync new sources of data.

Put DE&I at the heart of your talent strategy

Evaluate talent objectively, based on their skills and potential – not just their experience – to reduce bias in your hiring process, internal mobility programs, and succession planning.

Solution - Use AI to hire for key skills  - Apply a skills-first approach
Solution - Use AI to hire for key skills  - Uncover gaps and opportunities

Uncover skill gaps and opportunities

Gain a complete understanding of your workforce’s capabilities, so you can optimize, redistribute, and plan for the talent you need in future, staying ahead of the competition.


of businesses are aware that they either already have a skills gap or will have one within a few years (McKinsey).

Implement AI compliance best practices and reduce bias

Fair AI

Make fair and responsible hiring decisions, by  knowing that the data you have is a true representative of real-world scenarios. There’s also no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) used by our AI.

Explainable AI

Get the rationale behind every recommendation, for full transparency. We always inform candidates and users when AI is applied.

Compliant AI

Ensure your organization is future proofed for new compliance and regulations, while able to provide equal opportunities to work.

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Workforce Agility Powered by AI with Forrester & General Motors

Workforce Agility Powered by AI with Forrester & General Motors

“Skills first” is not just a recruiting opportunity, but rather an organization-wide opportunity. Watch this webinar to discover how skills will help you unlock workforce agility.

How AI-Powered Tools Can Help Recruiters & HR Teams

How AI-Powered Tools Can Help Recruiters & HR Teams

Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you find, engage and retain top talent, and maximize human potential.

What Is Explainable AI?

What Is Explainable AI?

Explainable AI is a crucial consideration for People teams. When AI is used to inform important decisions, at scale, those affected have a right to understand why recommendations were made.

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