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The Rise of Talent Operations

Enterprise talent teams on the road to transformation need the operations function. Discover what it is, what impact it can have on the business, and how to build it from scratch.

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Attracting and retaining top talent, as well as nurturing the next generation of leaders, are at the top of internal issues that concern CEOs across industries. Talent teams are aware of the expectation they must meet in providing the business with a competitive edge. The time of seeing recruiting as a reactive cost center are over;This change has been in the making for a decade, but has now hit its inflection point.

The challenges of the current talent market have put pressure on talent organizations to reinvent themselves, and, in a way, professionalize. The rise of the talent operations function is the answer to these changes;  a team of professionals at the intersection of recruiting, technology, data, and project management, who enable talent organizations to scale, improve, and truly transform.