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The Complete Guide to Recruiting Metrics

A deep dive into some of the most meaningful metrics for talent operations professionals and talent acquisition leaders in an agile, proactive organization

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A deep dive into some of the most meaningful recruiting metrics for talent operations professionals, including the best ways to measure them and the most impactful insights to derive from them.

When designing a performance dashboard for your talent team, or thinking strategically about how to track progress and impact, it's not enough to look at a list of talent engagement or recruiting metrics and pick a few. This ebook helps talent leaders and recruiting operations specialists think strategically about data, performance, and insights.

The first section of the ebook takes a step back to explore the talent team's data infrastructure, and understand what data points can be collected and how. In the second section, this understanding helps the reader dive deeper into the most important recruiting metrics, from formulas to insights to alternative approaches tailored to each orgnization's needs.