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Uncovering the Truth About AI for Talent Acquisition

What does AI really mean for talent acquisition, and how should you approach it?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a buzzword in all industries and in almost every area of business, including recruitment. Terms like automation, algorithms, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks abound. Vendors look to position themselves as innovative and advanced, and are keen to tell you exactly what AI means to them and (more importantly) what it should mean to you.

With all this noise, it’s easy to become caught in a haze of AI, which makes understanding exactly how it can help you and your teams a challenge. This document demystifies AI for Talent Acquisition. It equips you with some key things you need to think about before you start, and gives examples of how it can help solve day-to-day challenges. It also lays out Beamery's approach to AI.