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New Research from Beamery Indicates C-Suite and Talent Leaders Don’t Align on Talent Strategy, Thwarting True Talent Transformation


Amidst the pandemic, efficiency, operations and skills gaps must be addressed first and foremost.

LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO - Mar. 8, 2021 - Beamery, the leading Talent Operating System, today released its 2021 study, “The Missing Link in Talent Transformation,” based on the responses of more than 400 leaders navigating workplace transformations as a result of the pandemic. The study examines the talent priorities and gaps among global CEOs, as well as those leading the talent function.

The full report, available here, reveals critical areas of misalignment between the C-suite and front-line talent leaders, impeding true talent transformation as teams focus more on marginal efficiency gains and not the sweeping transformation necessitated by COVID-19 impacts on the workforce.

Key findings in Beamery’s “The Missing Link in Talent Transformation” research include:

  • C-Level execs want tech, talent leaders crave operational groundwork: A majority of CEOs (62%) and CHROs (59%) say technology gaps are having the greatest impact on talent strategy, while 39% of talent leaders -- those on the front lines of the talent function -- consider operational gaps as the most impactful driver. Indeed, at the end of 2020, nearly half (44%) of organizations reported implementing new talent technologies. Without a core operational foundation in place, however, technology cannot be an effective driver of talent transformation.
  • Research indicates the need for reskilling: Nearly half (48%) of VP-level talent leaders report that a lack of digital skills in the talent function is a key gap to true talent transformation. As needs shift, and organizations respond to the ever-changing marketplace, this is a clear indicator that talent leaders need to better understand what skills they have today, versus what they will need to drive transformation and drive the business forward.
  • The C-Suite and VPs of Talent disagree on who drives the talent strategy most: 70% of CHROs and over a third of CEOs say candidates are the primary stakeholders whose expectations carry the most impact when it comes to driving the company’s overall talent strategy. By contrast, 71% of VPs of Talent report hiring managers are the top stakeholders whose expectations drive the talent strategy.
  • CHROs prioritize recruiter’s efficiency over their experience: While recruiter efficiency is a key focus, the recruiter audience is deprioritized, with barely more than one-third of organizations focused on improving recruiter experience (36%). In fact, CHROs prioritize recruiter efficiency 2.2 times over recruiter experience.

“Stalled by misalignment across leadership, many companies are not realizing the level of real talent transformation needed for their organization to thrive in a post-COVID world,” asserted Kyle Lagunas, Director of Strategy & Head of Research at Beamery. “Everyone knows technology is not a silver bullet when it comes to high-impact talent strategies. Similarly, making incremental efficiency gains isn’t ambitious enough, especially as organizations are being asked to do more with less while becoming more agile. As talent leadership and C-level execs grapple over conflicting priorities, the conversation has to shift to how this organization will emerge from the chaos of 2020 and thrive in a new reality; investments in upskilling talent teams, in reliable data and in operational excellence must be front and center.”

Access the full report here.

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