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The Future of Talent Has a New Look

We started Beamery to level the playing field, once and for all. To create fair and equal access to work. To make it possible for any person, regardless of their background, gender, ethnicity and location, to receive the same opportunities and feel empowered to reach their career ambitions.  

We’ve  changed a lot since that moment, but this singular mission has always been at the forefront of the decisions we have made and in the way that we partner with customers to help them drive talent transformation. 

Transformation is never easy though, and organizations looking to change face considerable challenges. Not just as they look to achieve DEI outcomes and create fairer access to work, but as they strive to create a better talent experience and to transform the skills and capabilities of their workforce.

From day one, we’ve always believed that many of these challenges can be solved by data. That issues with integrations, duplication and stale information were making the hard job facing  talent teams even harder, blocking talent transformation efforts and creating issues across the candidate experience.

These data challenges were what we set out to solve at Beamery. Unlocking enriched, up to date data that helps your talent teams work faster and more effectively. Analytics and talent insights that help your executives allocate scarce resources. And the goldmine of skill data that lets you look beyond experience to the capabilities and untapped potential of your employees  and future hires. 

These are hard challenges to solve, but they lay the foundation for what is to come. 

Connecting the Talent Lifecycle

With years of digital transformation condensed into months, changing work preferences, and skill requirements, the world of work has changed forever. 

The future of talent looks different today, and so does Beamery. 

Our new brand tells the story of a future that is innately human. Where enterprises create experiences across the talent lifecycle that are deeply personalized and every person, no matter their background, reaches their career aspirations and maximizes their full potential. 

It’s the future that we set out to create when we started Beamery, and at no time have we felt that it is closer than it is today. 

Companies can’t get there alone though. They need a way to optimize every stage of the talent lifecycle, from before a role is created through to an employee becoming alumni. They need to be able to identify skill shortages, hiring risks, and opportunities. 

They need to attract world class talent, hire for potential, and deliver  a candidate experience to be truly proud of. They need to know how to harness the power of talent mobility, and move the needle on diversity. They need to reduce unconscious bias and increase transparency.

We’re not just launching a new brand today. We’re also excited to now share the Beamery Talent Lifecycle Management platform. A breakthrough in talent technology to help enterprises create more human experiences for all talent, whilst unlocking the skills and potential of a global workforce.

With AI at the core, it’s built for the recruiter, for the candidate, for the hiring manager, for the employee, and for the executive.

It’s designed to truly put talent first. We hope you are as excited as we are. 

If you’d like to learn more you can connect with us here.