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New Webinar Series: Accelerating Talent Transformation With AI

AI has already helped accelerate transformation in some of the world’s most competitive talent organizations, and it is poised to bring on even more change. High-performing talent and HR teams are using it to identify skill gaps in their workforce, build internal mobility paths for their employees, or uncover candidates with the best chances of thriving within the company. 

Yet at the same time, other organizations who have implemented AI tools are not seeing the returns they expected, or are finding themselves exposed to unexpected risks. They have discovered that AI can be a powerful addition to the tech stack, but only if the right foundations are in place for it.

To discuss the pitfalls that companies may face with AI-powered talent transformation, Beamery launched “Accelerating Talent Transformation with AI”, a 4-part webinar series with leading Talent and HR executives and industry experts. The four sessions will address what talent executives need to know about AI, its risks and limitations, and how other talent leaders are using it to drive measurable results.

You can learn more about the series here, or keep on reading for more information.

First Session: The Fundamentals of AI in Talent Acquisition

Talent teams can no longer afford to simply buy AI tools and trust that they will deliver positive returns. To get full value from AI, they have to understand what it can and cannot do for their organization, especially if they lack the right data infrastructure for it. 

Why do you need explainable AI? Where can it have the most impact on your team’s activities? And what should you, as a talent leader, ask AI vendors before buying new technology? These are all questions that this session will address, and that will help set up enterprises for success. 

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Second Session: The Hidden Dangers of “Black Box” AI


Technology is always a little ahead of regulation when it first comes to market, but regulation is always changing and catching up. Talent AI is not exempt from this cycle, and with the EU proposing to categorize it as a “high-risk” type of AI-powered activity, it is likely to soon become tightly regulated—and rightly so.


Algorithms used in hiring should not be seen as a way to supplant human judgement, but a way to assist it. Ultimately, if a bad hiring decision is made using a tool, it is the recruiting organization that is held accountable, so talent teams should always be in a position to understand how their tools make decisions.


Treating AI like a black box where decisions happen autonomously can be dangerous. It can lead to unknown biases becoming entrenched, or important skill gaps being overlooked, for example. With Hiredscore CEO Athena Karp, and Paradox Chief Product Officer Adam Godson, we will be exploring the many unexpected risks that talent executives have to account for when implementing AI solutions, and how they can mitigate them. 

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Third Session: 3 Ways to Drive Talent Goals with AI

High-performing talent and HR organizations are already identifying skill gaps in their workforce or building internal mobility paths for their employees by using AI. But those are not the only impactful uses for this technology in talent, far from it.

In the third session of this webinar series, we will be hearing about the experiences of talent leaders who have started driving measurable business results with AI. They have moved past simple chat bots and calendar management, and are now not only improving the quality of their hiring, they are also uncovering new talent and improving people planning and internal mobility outcomes as well. 

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Last Session: Talent in 2025 : Designing the Future

Many talent leaders have already started implementing AI in pockets across their processes, but the most competitive of them are not stopping there: they want to unlock all the possibilities offered by AI at scale. By fundamentally changing how their organizations operate from the ground up, they are pushing the whole talent acquisition space towards a data-heavy, AI-assisted operating model.

In this panel discussion with four industry experts and enterprise talent leaders, we bridge the gap between technology and vision. We will discuss how other executives approach the question of talent transformation, and what role they think technologies like AI will play in their future plans. 

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Whether you’re already implementing AI solutions in your talent team, or just starting to think about bringing them in, it is not easy to identify where this new technology can move the needle the most. This webinar series aims to make that task easier.

Keep an eye out for new speaker announcements, and join us as we bring together experts and talent leaders from well-known enterprises to answer all your questions about AI for talent.