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The Perfect Careers Page: A Complete Guide [Infographic]

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“In recruiting today, it’s not only recruiters who are doing the research. Top talent is searching for a company the same way they would any other purchasing decision" - Matt Charney

What's the first place every candidate heads when they want to find out more about your company?

Your careers page - no real surprises here!

As Matt Charney neatly puts it, top talent is researching YOU (85% of job searches start with a search engine). They're not content to blindly hit apply, they want to know what they're getting themselves into.

As a result, careers pages are becoming increasingly important as a source of hire - CareerXroads statistics show that they account for 94.1% more hires than they did in 4 years ago.

Despite this, getting significant value out of your careers page can be tricky. The online attention span of candidates is incredibly short - your page needs to grab their attention, engage them and convince them to apply.

To help you get going here, we've put together a complete guide to building the perfect careers page, (as well as 2 key takeways for you to focus on at the bottom of the page). Take a look!