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Do What Really Matters, Not What's Shiny

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According to folklore, the magpie, (a noisy bird with black-and-white plumage and long tail), steals shiny objects and glitter to make it's nest more attractive to potential mates.

Despite being widely acknowledged as one of the world's most intelligent birds, (they're the only non-mammal that's able to recognize their reflection), magpies supposedly can't help themselves around shiny trinkets.

Recruiters share more than you might think with the magpie. First off, they tend to be pretty good at spotting their own reflection! But secondly, the have a (very human) weakness for things that are shiny, new and exciting.

With recruiting as competitive as it is, everyone is looking for to know the latest "hack" or trick to uncover the best candidates, (we're guilty of it too!) On occasion, these tactics look and feel more like literal hacking (e.g. penetrating mobile networks to decipher candidate phone numbers!)

Some of these ideas are useful when it comes to getting your foot in the door with top talent, but they're rarely helpful when you're tasked with "selling" your company to top candidates.

"All that glisters is not gold" - The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare

New might be exciting, but exciting doesn't always give you results.

The best recruiters are the ones that ensure that their process is "human-centric". Not candidate-centric, human-centric. Every talent interaction they have is thoughtful and considered.

Considering a new job opportunity is a pretty big life decision for any candidate. They need some semblance of a 1:1 relationship with the company they're applying to - there's nothing worse than the anonymised "Sorry, we will keep your CV on file" rejection email.

This is not shiny or new. This is simple, human to human relationship building. It's the best way to create a great candidate experience and attract the best talent, and it's not going away anytime soon.

How to create a magnetic Employer Brand

From the very first touchpoint to offer acceptance, your Employer Brand is hugely important. It plays a huge role in your ability to attract the best passive talent, nurture them effectively and ultimately make better hires.

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