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Discover Untapped Talent: Recruiting Creatively for Diverse Tech Candidates

It’s a candidate’s market today. With  businesses recovering from the pandemic and shifting gears towards growth and acceleration, tech talent in particular has seen a spike in demand, and diverse tech talent even more.

In these conditions, finding new ways to uncover untapped pools is crucial for businesses. Whether they build new pipelines of diverse candidates, or look within the ranks of their existing employees for the skills they need, talent teams are on the lookout for creative ways to fill their open tech roles from a more diverse range of prospects. 

We’ve invited our panelists for this webinar to share their best strategies for finding diverse candidates to fill technology roles. Joanne Lockwood, DE&I expert and advisor, Ashley Ramrachia, CEO at Academy, Matthias Schmeißer, Director of Talent at Beamery, and George Windsor, Head of Insights at TechNation, discuss the challenges of sourcing diverse candidates in this notoriously tricky talent market. Expect an informative conversation on everything from successful case studies to examples of what could go wrong in diversity hiring.