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Watch: Introducing Smart Slate

Both Hiring Managers and TA aim to attract the best possible candidates and talent to their organization.

But a lack of visibility, busy schedules, and inefficient processes often create a frustrating experience for both sides in this process.

Beamery is solving that, with our new Smart Slate capability., This helps you to effectively review a selection of candidates for a role, and improve collaboration between Hiring Managers and Talent Acquisition.

Beamery’s new Smart Slate helps to easily and effectively review a shortlist of (external and internal) candidates for a role, then quickly share the list with busy Hiring Managers to improve their visibility of the pipeline, and to track the hiring process better.

By registering your interest in our Hiring Manager Labs program, you can learn how to empower Hiring Managers to be active and share feedback quickly and clearly with TA teams, thanks to new Beamery innovations.