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Watch: Beamery’s Latest Product Innovation

Hear from Andrew Keating, VP of Product Marketing at Beamery, as he shares an overview of some new innovations in our recent product launch, centered around fostering collaboration between TA teams and Hiring Managers.

Watch the video to learn how Beamery can help you to support Managers, with tools that improve workforce management, recruitment decisions, and collaboration between Hiring Managers and Talent Acquisition.

  • Improve the collaboration between Hiring Manager and TA, to help ensure you get the right talent into your business when you need it. 
  • Get a healthier pipeline of candidates, improved efficiencies in the recruitment process, and fewer wasted recruitment cycles.
  • Tackle common pain points, such as team misalignment and communication breakdowns, that lead to lower quality candidates, poor candidate experience, and a widening skills gap – which compounds the problem.

About the Author

Andrew has worked for non-profits, universities, and world-class tech companies such as Apple, Box, and Splunk. He is currently VP Product Marketing at Beamery, where he drives the GTM strategy for the Talent Lifecycle Management platform.

Profile Photo of Andrew Keating