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Watch: The New Autopilot (Beamery Extension)

The Beamery Extension improves sourcers and recruiters lives by:

  • Reducing time to hire
  • Helping them engage directly from the extension
  • Filling candidate pipelines faster
  • Matching skills to roles, utilizing Beamery’s AI Talent Match insights. 
  • Providing confidence that every InMail will be logged, every time, to improve collaboration within the TA teams.

Now, the Extension is getting even better, with the new Autopilot.

How it is better than ever before:

  • It helps you to import contacts from LinkedIn en masse with one click, so you can stop updating each contact individually and losing valuable time, better spent on other sourcing activities.
  • It keeps candidates’ data up-to-date, by reviewing skipped Contacts and updating existing Contacts – ensuring that every candidate you’re looking at has the most helpful information for your sourcing needs.

We are just finishing the Labs program for the new Autopilot, and are excited to share it with our customers soon.