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Boosting Service Provider Efficiencies and Profitability Starts with Talent

In the hybrid work landscape, service providers need to be able to scale talent up and down to meet business demands. A data-driven approach to talent acquisition can make all the difference.

The lines are blurring between professional, technical and business process outsourcing (BPO) services as the market evolves. Competition for talent is at an all-time high as service providers look to pivot toward digital enablement as a service. 

In this ecosystem, service providers must digitize services to increase efficiencies and maximize profitability. At the same time, they face increasing requirements for workforce flexibility and dynamic worker provisioning. 

Flexible talent resourcing

Largely on-premises workforces were significantly impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. If location is removed from the talent equation, worker capability becomes paramount. A more dynamic resourcing model will enable service providers to staff strategically to stay in control of the volume of projects their businesses can deliver, as well as the cost to serve. 

While giving consideration to local resourcing requirements, service providers must mobilize talent pools anywhere. When projects can be delivered remotely, truly global and flexible candidate pools become reality — and have the potential to increase revenue and improve profit margins. 

Eliminate resource waste

Because service providers operate on extremely tight margins, they face cost pressure throughout the business. The ability to scale down or hire up dynamically is imperative, as is detailed workforce visibility. To stay on top of workforce planning and be able to scale down and hire up as needed, you can’t afford to waste time or resources. 

When resources are wasted, firms see quantity but not quality. They have high levels of drop-off and heavy reliance on job boards. Recruiters are overwhelmed with inbound applicants without a good way to get to the best quickly. Roles go unfilled, leading to excess spend with recruiting agencies. Considerable time and money are spent on recruiting to hire a single person and have the other finalists go into a black hole.  

Save time and money

The Beamery Talent Data Platform enables service providers to identify, engage and nurture talent more effectively and earlier in the process. Providing accurate and actionable data, it opens real-time visibility into skills availability. Recruiters get a complete view of talent data across solutions, expanding the talent pool and making it easier to find the best-fit candidate for any given position.

Beamery makes it possible for talent acquisition teams to engage with each candidate in a personalized way. And it’s not just limited to new talent. Previous candidates remain engaged in your talent pools and can be identified when new job vacancies become available. That means you no longer need to start from scratch for every job requisition. 

Put automation to work for you

The quest to digitize services as a means to stay ahead of client demand has led to the automation of many legacy services using robotic process automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Why not use automation to your advantage in the hiring process as well? 

Beamery automates workflows to simplify finding the right candidates. And you can rest assured you’re always looking at the most up-to-date data as it’s automatically refreshed.

The platform features internal mobility, ensuring you can retain as much of your top talent as possible by helping them upskill and grow with your organization over time. It also suggests candidates, using AI to score them, to help recruiters pinpoint the best talent among inbound and existing traffic. 

It’s time to make talent acquisition a supercharged workforce planning function and equip your business to react rapidly on demand. When you do, you’ll be able to hire better talent more quickly and decrease reliance on external agencies and advertising spend.
Learn more about how Beamery can help your services firm dynamically scale hiring and boost efficiency and profitability.