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Updates: Introducing a Smarter Talent Sourcing Experience.


A proactive recruitment strategy depends—as so much in Talent Acquisition does!—on good data.

When data is accurate, fresh, and reliable, automation can work seamlessly, recruiters have clear visibility, and the candidate experience improves: no duplicate outreach, only relevant content.

One of the key ways to support your proactive strategy is consistent, targeted talent sourcing, which does so much more than just adding candidates to your database.

The Beamery Chrome Extension is the most sophisticated sourcing extension on the market. If you'd like to see a full demo of Beamery, or take a deep dive on everything the Beamery Extension can do, book a time with us. You can also visit our website to learn more about Beamery's sourcing and CRM capabilities.

We’ve recently launched a range of enhancements that are improving the Beamery Chrome Extension. Together these give sourcers and recruiters a better experience, as well as capturing more data to Beamery to paint a fuller picture of your contacts and candidates.

Accelerate and scale your sourcing with updated AutoPilot

AutoPilot allows you to add multiple candidates at once, saving time and manual effort. AutoPilot knows which contacts you are already in contact with, and skips existing candidates to only add the new ones. What’s more, it works with BeamAssist to eliminate manual error from data entry: all the candidates are added to Beamery and assigned to Pools, Vacancies, Campaigns and more, based on your presets.

That’s brilliant— but now it is even better: you can use AutoPilot in Projects, Talent Pool and Pipeline, as well as searches, and it will capture each of those contacts’ publicly available data.


Keep more complete records, and leverage engagement-based automation, with InMail logging.

When you’re busy sourcing in LinkedIn, you might want to send off a message right then and there. Now, our automatic InMail logging lets you keep a full record of your candidate interactions by capturing that message. What’s more, you’ll be able to see it in the Extension, and from the candidate profile in Beamery for great cross-team visibility of your full candidate history.

Of course, logging an InMail changes a candidate’s “last contacted date”, which you can use to define automated workflows to keep your database fresh and your contacts warm.

Work more productively with a fabulous new minimalist user experience.

The final great update with this version of the Extension is a whole new UI, called “Recruiter Mode”.

talent sourcing minimize extension

We’re very proud of the Extension, but it can take up a fair amount of screen real-estate. That’s why we’ve introduced this new mode that lets you shrink the Extension down to its icon, which you can move around the screen so it is somewhere convenient and unobtrusive while you focus.

But of course, even in Recruiter Mode, the Extension can give you feedback, information and useful hints, so you can move it out of the way while you focus. What’s more, you’ll still get the feedback and information you need, with status indicators and helpful hints or alerts—for instance making sure that you respect a candidate's contact wishes, or simply confirming that your last InMail was automatically logged!

talent sourcing extension consent management

If you're interested in saving time and increasing efficiency for your talent team, request a demo!