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Meet Matthias: Beamery’s New Director of Talent

To help oversee Beamery’s triple-digit growth and scale, we recently welcomed Matthias to the #BeamTeam. 

Matthias joins us from Scout24 Group & Zalando, as our Director of Talent with over ten years of in-house Talent Acquisition experience! Matthias is a key talent advocate who transformed talent functions and businesses to mature their talent practices. Now Matthias is turning his attention to Beamery, supporting our team and customers as we continue to put talent at the heart of  every business.

We sat down with Matthias to hear more about what led him to Beamery, his epic book collection, and his thoughts on the power of leveraging technology…  


What interested you about coming to work at Beamery?

Beamery’s product is a very familiar one! My first interactions with the company were as a customer during my time at Zalando, and at my last company, we also talked about getting Beamery implemented. Long story short, Beamery came across as a very sophisticated product that is disrupting my profession. Joining a company with a mission that is so close to what I stand for, it was a no brainer for me. My favourite comment on LinkedIn when I shared the news of my move: “That’s meta – hiring for a team that helps teams with hiring! I think you’ve reached the Inception phase of your career 😄 “ Love the movie by the way. 


As you know, Beamery is committed to putting talent transformation at the heart of every business. Given your experience and what's happening in the world today, why do you think companies are leaning on technology to help them transform the way they manage talent?

Given the digital transformation we have seen accelerating businesses, even during this global pandemic, the workload and the complexity of jobs have been constantly changing and increasing to the extent that you simply cannot ignore technology anymore. And it’s not about you being replaced by technology but more about how you own and leverage the technology to your advantage, which is especially true in talent acquisition and talent management. 


What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the talent field?

Try to read product or product design books from authors like Marty Cagan, Jake Knapp, and Tim Brown to apply their methodologies into your talent practices. During my time at Zalando,  I learnt so much from my hiring manager on the product design leadership team that still has an impact on my daily work. Plus invest enough time into tooling, data and employer branding. Once done, you will start a very promising career! Trust me on that one :)


What is one thing that most people don't know about you?

When it comes to my colleagues or my professional network most of them don’t know that I almost started a very successful career with one of the indie bands I used to play with when I was young. No, I wasn’t singing but I have played the guitar since I was 6 years old, had my first electric guitar at 12, and joined my first band at 13. I still have records somewhere and have played concerts in front of over 1,000 people. 


Where is one of the first places you'll visit once Covid restrictions are lifted?

I would take my little family flight to some of the Caribbean Islands for two weeks. Sun, sand and the ocean is something I desperately need right now after such a long working from home session with closed KITAs, closed playgrounds and multiple lockdowns. 


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