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Beamery sets New Standard in Careers Sites and Candidate Experience

Beamery sets New Standard in Careers Sites and Candidate Experience

We’re excited to announce today that we’re expanding our Talent Operating System capabilities with the launch of Careers Sites.

This solution will be focused from the ground up on consumer grade personalization, and will allow enterprises to showcase their employer brand and provide a dynamic experience to every candidate.

“We’re enabling enterprises to deliver amazing employer brand experiences, and develop meaningful connections with candidates, instead of just promoting their jobs.” said Abakar Saidov, CEO and co-founder of Beamery. “We make it easier for organizations to convert talent and automate the initial engagement and nurture, as well as giving talent leaders the level of data they need on the entire recruiting funnel - from the sources that provide the best talent, to where candidates drop off in the process”.

Here are some of the highlights of Beamery Careers Sites, and if you’d like to learn more, you can download a full overview here.

Dynamic personalization

Candidates see personalized content and job recommendations based on their location, language, interests, and application history. We know that no talent journey is the same, so we give you a Careers Site that personalizes for each candidate.

product illu personalisation

Built to convert

The goal of every Careers Site should be to drive visitors towards a conversion of some kind. With Beamery, that’s easier than ever before. Beamery will let companies provide an eCommerce-like experience for prospective employees–passive candidates can easily join talent networks, sign up for custom job alerts, register for events and webinars, or pick up applications from where they left off with a shopping cart-like experience, while traffic leaving the site can be targeted with abandonment technology.

product illu convert

Empower recruiting teams

You and your team control your Careers Site with an enterprise-grade, drag and drop content editor. There’s no need to rely on IT or marketing to make updates. Best in class automation technology lets companies auto-populate talent pools and personalize nurture campaigns with the prospects that convert.

product illu editor

Granular reporting

Talent leaders get the data they need to understand the effectiveness of your Careers Site and employer branding efforts like never before with source attribution tracking and all the metrics you’d expect around traffic, conversion, and pipeline.

product illu dashboard

This new release is supported by Beamery Digital–a strategic partner to help enterprises craft their employment brand story, develop personas, architect their content, and develop a bespoke Careers Site.

*To learn more about Careers Sites, you can download our overview, or get in touch with the team to learn more. *