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Beamery Sees Record Growth During Global Lockdown

Announcing New Beamery Executive Hire Andy Leaver


Beamery, the leading Talent Operating System, is reporting huge growth during the first half of 2020, closing out a record quarter in Q2 in the midst of a global pandemic.

The company saw a surge in new enterprise customers across all industries, with global leaders across financial services, entertainment, technology, pharmaceuticals and defense all partnering with Beamery to drive more strategic talent acquisition. Companies that chose to partner with Beamery included the world’s leading entertainment group, the largest global life insurance company, and one of the largest US commercial insurers.

"This is the second time I've partnered with Beamery" said Charles Mah, Vice President, Global Talent at Databricks. "We're looking to accelerate in our journey towards the future of work, and we see Beamery as playing an important role."

For existing customers, the importance of Beamery as a solution has never been more apparent - product usage reached new thresholds and rose 63% across the first half, as customers across all industries drive internal transformation of processes and strategies to accelerate towards the future of work.

Beamery introduced a number of new products to help companies successfully transition to remote working practices, including a new module to allow for end-to-end digital event management. To help people impacted by the crisis, the company launched it’s #newhome community to connect job seekers with companies that were still hiring.

Beamery deepened its strategic relationship with Workday, adding new shared capabilities and a large number of joint customers. The company also expanded its integrations team, launching new integrations with Oracle/Taleo, iCIMS, SAP/SuccessFactors, and announced a number of important additions to its ecosystem, with new partnerships including Paradox, HiredScore, and Cornerstone OnDemand.

Acknowledging the drive of most enterprise talent teams to leverage data more effectively, Beamery also launched “Spark” - the first global community for talent operations leaders, a role that is critical to driving transformative change across the hiring funnel.

“2020 has brought enormous challenges for every business” said CEO Abakar Saidov. “The pandemic has accelerated and amplified digital transformation initiatives - for many companies, years of change have been squeezed into a matter of months! HR leaders have an enormous opportunity to lead their companies through this crisis, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with so many organizations on the journey to the future of work”.