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Announcing Beamery Data Explorer


High-quality talent data can unlock incredible value for recruiting teams.

We built Beamery to unlock that potential through powerful data management and exploration. This is now further enhanced with our latest release, Data Explorer.

Announcing Beamery Data Explorer

With Data Explorer, talent teams can now use the vast amounts of data at their disposal in impactful ways. They can identify the right candidates quickly even in large databases, understand the impact of their recruiting activity, and make data-driven decisions at every step. They can finally capture the true business impact of great talent data.

That is why we’ve transformed reporting in Beamery with the release of Data Explorer, to give instant insight, complete visibility into all the data in the CRM, in the most user-friendly way possible.


With recruiting data, flexibility is extremely valuable. Your talent team needs to be able to draw insights from data quickly by analysing it from different angles. You need the ability to instantly report on every aspect of the candidate journey, as well as performance and team activity metrics. This agility can give you the edge you need to make decisions faster, and be prepared for unexpected change. That is why we’ve launched Data Explorer.

Instant insight

Without clear insight into the state of your pipeline and results of your activity, you can’t make meaningful decisions, and in the world of business, you want to understand the state of your pipeline fast, in a comprehensible way.

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Complete visibility

Sometimes, you need to report on data that matters to your business, but that isn’t necessarily collected as standard. Without this data, you can’t see how well your strategies are working. With it, you can evaluate performance in a meaningful way.

complete insight into talent data

Reporting made simple

It can be hard to know what you should be reporting on. Standard reports are needed to get you started, and ways to share and save reports so that teams know what they should be doing, and why, and allow team members to take ownership of their workload and performance.

reporting on recruiting activities and diversity

If you want to learn more about reporting that can improve your visibility into you tem’s impact and performance, and enable fast and data-driven decision making, head to the Beamery Reporting page to discover Data Explorer.