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Announcing Beamery Virtual Events

Announcing Beamery Virtual Recruiting Events

We’ve already spoken about how, in the face of global disruption on an unprecedented scale, you need to adapt and evolve to survive.

Responding to change, however, doesn’t necessarily mean starting from scratch.

Yes, your onsite events strategy is cancelled until further notice, but the work you’ve put in—developing engaging content, reaching out to your candidate database, and slotting events into your broader TA strategy, is still valuable. Indeed, in these times of shelter-in-place and social distancing, communication, engagement and human interaction is more important than ever.

That’s why we’re delighted to introduce Beamery Virtual Events: everything you need to be there, when you can’t be there.

“We’re all in this together,” comments Beamery Founder and President, Sultan Saidov, “Which is why we’re determined to help our customers adapt quickly to the new challenges of this crisis, by launching new - free - products and services that will help more companies and candidates navigate the months ahead. Virtual Events is a great first step - not just as a product but as a programme to share recommended content and best practices for our customers - to help companies not only attract new talent, but nurture external and internal candidates through the coming months ahead of new roles opening up in the future.”

“We all need to change our strategies to accommodate the new reality” he continues. “Whether you are an essential services provider accelerating your hiring processes, or like many companies forced to now focus on pipelining and nurturing talent for the future - the experience that companies provide to candidates in the coming months will be one that you are remembered by for years to come. As the technology powering candidate experience for many of the world's greatest brands, we see it as our duty to step up and empower employers of all stripes to proactively engage with candidates in a manner that befits the current environment, and to this end - Virtual Events will be a critical new methodology.”

With Beamery Virtual Events, you can quickly and easily create online events, managing them from start to finish to engage candidates where they are. You can leverage pre-packaged templates to create compelling landing pages and campaigns for inviting, reminding and following up with candidates to keep them engaged and active in your nurture stream. It’s an end-to-end solution. We provide everything you need to transition your events strategy to our current work-from-home reality, and then scale it out to meet any use case you have - from diversity, to campus, to military and much more.


Explore our Events module to learn more about how Beamery helps talent teams organize virtual recruiting events.