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Women in Talent Acquisition: Leaders to Watch

leaders in TA

At Beamery, we try to keep our eyes peeled and to pay attention to leaders in TA.

So this year, we wanted to start recognizing Talent Acquisition professionals who are doing something different in their industry, and put together the first of a series of features. We’re starting with women in leadership roles in talent acquisition as a nod to international women’s day this coming Friday, but there will be other features coming up in the next few months.

This list is by no means exhaustive. It’s not a ranking, and will not result on giving away any awards or prizes. We like rankings and awards as much as the next person, but we’re starting with a simple recognition of women in the Beamery network who were noticed for their contribution to TA.

Marisa Tara

Marisa Bryan

Marisa is the Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition & People Culture at Criteo, a french-based internet company that connects brands and retailers to shoppers. Marisa herself is based in London, and has been part of the Criteo team for over two and a half year. Before that, she was an executive search manager at Linkedin, and recruiter at Google and then Apple. Throughout her career, she has been a strong voice in empowering women in leadership.

Marisa has also especially focused on modernizing the practice of talent acquisition in all her roles: she implemented a new sourcing model with her team at Apple, applied that model to executive search at Linkedin, and then scaled it at Criteo. This year, she’s also implementing an AI-driven top of funnel lead generation and engagement process for the whole Criteo TA organization.

Tara Griesbach

Tara is head of Head of Technical Talent at Devoted Health, a critical TA role for a healthcare company. She was nominated for her exceptional work building a modern TA organization from scratch in her very short time there.

Devoted Health is not her first leadership rodeo. She also led talent acquisition teams at Mendix and Rapid7 before, and was in healthcare for 7 years with Athenahealth.

Samantha Josephine Sllyn Coby

Samantha Ramsay

Samantha has been on our radar as an innovative and charismatic leader in her field for a while now, as her team at Balfour Beatty is repeatedly nominated for multiple awards and rankings. She currently leads the UK Resourcing team, and has implemented a number of excellent programs at the company aiming to address challenges such as internal mobility, alumni programs, or diversity hiring to mention a few.

Samantha was also a speaker at our recent Talent Engagement Summit. You can find her talk here and learn more about her strategic approach to sourcing.

Josephine Olupitan

Josephine is another big proponent of digitization and modern practices in talent acquisition, and is currently heading the Digital Recruiting program at UBS at a global scale. Before joining UBS, she spent a number of years specializing in Executive Search at Russell Reynolds Associates.

Allyn Bailey and Coby Schneider

Coby and Allen were nominated after we read Coby’s article on Intel’s Talent Acquisition Infinity Loop, a framework that looks at talent as an endlessly renewed cycle, and not simply as a funnel focused on a single hiring transaction. While the Talent Acquisition infinity Loop is Allyn’s brain child, Coby has been working on this project with her from the start. They facilitated their first training on the new framework this month, and will be rolling it out to the rest of the organization throughout the next two months.

Both Allyn and Coby are Intel longtimers, and have extensive experience in devising and implementing transformation processes in TA. Their work is a great example of what leaders in the field do every day to modernize recruiting practices.

Michelle Allison Carrie Andrea

Andrea Marston

Andrea Marston is a talent leader at Finastra, the third largest financial technology company in the world. On top of leading Finastra’s global talent acquisition team, Andrea is a thought leader on talent and on the fintech industry, and a mentor to other heads of resourcing at non-competing companies.

Throughout her career, both at Finastra and previously at companies like AOL and Workday, she successfully implemented talent strategies across global teams, based on scalable, low-cost sourcing and attraction models. She is the kind of TA leader who firmly embraces her role in the C-suite, and who helps the rest of the business adapt and pivot when necessary.

Carrie Murphy

Carrie Murphy is an unusual addition to this list in the sense that she is not a recruiting practitioner per se anymore, but talent is a passion of hers, and she dedicated a big part of her career to it, and continues to promote better talent acquisition practices.

Carrie is currently a Director at Ventures for America, but she started her career as a recruiter and specialized in placing executives in startups and high-growth companies. She saw first hand the key role that talent plays in making or breaking a new venture, and was the head of Hr and TA at a series B startup before moving fully to venture capital. She is a great example of the kind of positive impact external stakeholders can have on the TA industry.

Allison Churilla

Allison is an up and coming recruiting leader in the Boston area, where she leads People and Culture at Salsify, a large marketplace platform. Under her leadership, the Salsify team went through a growth spurt, especially on the technical recruiting side, and raised a round of funding. The company was nominated as number 24 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 in 2018, for example.

Allison’s style is to focus on helping people grow, and her talent strategy shows sign of that focus. Salsify has recently been nominated as a “Career-Launching Company” for 2019, and pays particular attention to the needs of its employees in every office.

Michelle Schroeder

Michelle Schroeder spent most of her recruiting career to date at Hyatt Hotels, and more recently at Allstate, where she now manages workforce digital solutions for talent and client services. Her expertise around talent technology and data puts her at a great advantage in enabling sophisticated human resources technology and processes in large, complex organizations.

We’re paying special attention to Michelle’s work, as she plays a pivotal role in bringing her organization to the next level in terms of talent engagement and attraction, by leveraging modern TA processes and technology, and we’re looking forward to what she will accomplish next!

Shelley Tracie Noor

Shelley Groves

Shelley is the Head of Global Strategic Sourcing and Talent Engagement at Diageo, the British alcoholic beverage giant. Before joining Diageo, she spent a number of years managing recruiting teams and bringing in outstanding talent at Gartner.

In her current role, Shelley has very quickly showed her goal to bring a new wave of digitization to Diageo’s TA organization, and is spearheading this transformation process across the globe for the company.

Noor van Boven

Noor is the Chief People Officer of N26, Europe’s first Mobile Bank with a full European banking license. She was previously a TA leader at Soundcloud and TomTom, and is no stranger to leading the hiring and people efforts of rapidly growing businesses.

Noor is also a strong advocate for women in business in general, and is a co-founder of Hellow Berlin, a professional Network for women in the Berlin area, making her nomination for this list doubly justified.

Tracie Giles

Tracie Giles is the Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Commvault, a recognized global leader in enterprise backup, recovery, and data management. She’s an inspirational example of leaders who make a defining impact on their organizations.

At Commvault, Tracie successfully took on the challenge of launching the company’s EVP to help position it as an attractive employer. Her team recently went live with a 3-part series looking at the company’s culture: the Commvault Culture Trilogy. She is also a driving force behind the company’s candidate promise, and is constantly looking for ways to communicate that promise to the talent market.

We’re already planning our next features, and looking for nominations for TA leaders in Recruitment Operations, in Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing, and in Strategic Sourcing. If you have someone in mind and would like to see their work recognized and highlighted, reach out to [email protected], or to me directly on Linkedin!

State of Talent Engagement 2019 report

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