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State of Talent Engagement 2019 Report

State of TE report is live!

The talent acquisition industry is at a tipping point.

Talent teams are spending far less time tracking application processes, and have been focusing more and more of their attention on better understanding and relating to the talent market at large. They want to engage with candidates more, because that is where they can move the needle most.

We recently surveyed over 400 recruiters, business owners and hiring managers to understand how these teams plan on engaging with talent in 2019. The results of that survey are detailed in our State of Talent Acquisition report, which you can download here.


The talent engagement statistics and data points you will see in the report all converge towards the same conclusion: Recruiters understand that candidates expect more of an effort from prospective employers.

Teams are becoming more specialized to be able to create a better experience for candidates, and investing in tools and processes that enable that change. They source proactively and build and nurture relationships with talent; they dive deeper into the data at their disposal to better understand what candidates want, and they help reduce risk for the wider organization by becoming generally more forward-looking.

Instead of putting most of their resources in tracking and managing the application process, talent teams are focusing far more on what happens before the application point.

It’s not enough anymore to promise free beer at the office and to blast candidates indiscriminately with job postings and invitations to apply. Recruiters are adapting, building up their marketing skills, and becoming better at managing relationships and building a pipeline of candidates.

It’s an interesting shift that’s been in the making for a few years. We’re seeing multiple signs that suggest these changes are gaining in momentum, and that they will determine which companies pull forward and gain a decisive advantage in the competition for the best talent.

Selecting the Right Recruitment Marketing Technology for your Business

According to Aptitude Research, over 70% of enterprise organizations are investing in recruitment marketing capabilities this year. In order to help with this process, Kelly Cartwright, head of Talent Acquisition Technology Strategy at Amazon Web Services, and Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research, joined us to discuss some of the latest trends in recruitment marketing, and shared key recommendations for evaluating providers in a Beamery webinar.

[image-caption][view on-demand webinar here.]( ) [image-caption-end]